3 Signs of Love That a Kid Taught Me
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash


Maybe We Should Become More Like a Child Again?

I watched her when she held him. Our newborn. Her new brother. She was tender. Soft. Loving. “Don’t cry” she said when he began to cry. “I am here. Your big sister. What’s going on?” She padded his head.

I was stunned. She was so little. So young, yet with the tenderness and kindness that any parents wished to have.

She noticed me watching her from across the room. She waved and happily smiled. She was proud. “Is there anything wrong mom?” She asked.

She even cared about how I felt. “I’m fine sweetheart. More than fine actually.” And smiled back at her. I kept watching her play with her little brother and couldn’t stop thinking about how I learned more from her than she had from me.

Her tenderness and kindness. Her love and openness for others. It was incredible to me. It’s something I lost somewhere along the track of life. I began to believe that I couldn’t help everyone without being overwhelmed. But she showed me that I could. If she could ask how I was feeling and have the time to care for her brother then so could I. I was in my own way, worrying about whether or not I could do it.

The tenderness of my little baby cracked me open as it does to anyone. I now live my life on these three terms of love.

  1. To be tender of heart, and care for those around me
  2. To be kind to everyone, and make time to listen to them
  3. To be open to anyone, and not judge them on anything

I chuckled. Maybe life isn’t about learning new things, but about learning how to be more like a child again. “Didn’t Jesus once say that as well? That we are God’s children. Well, maybe he meant that quite literally.” I thought to myself and laughed.

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