7 Surprising Revelations That Sparked a Complete Transformation of My Life, And Maybe Yours Too


Day 21 of Feeling Alive

Just like a butterfly can all of a sudden change from cocoon to this beautiful vibrant-colored creature, so can you.

Over the past couple of months, my life has drastically changed. I graduated from college, broke up with my girlfriend, decided to pursue my passion, and decided to turn inward, facing the daunting yet freeing reality of the here and now.

I was like the caterpillar, crawling into its cocoon with the desire to turn into a butterfly. Yet I now realize that a complete transformation like that of the butterfly only happens if we embrace being a caterpillar first.

I found that there have been some quotes that have sparked this complete transformation of my life. And I think that they can do the same for you.

But always keep in mind, that the caterpillar will never turn into the butterfly if it doesn’t truly want to. You can not force a transformation, for a transformation, one as complete and enriching as that of the butterfly comes about naturally.

These quotes will only spark the fire within you for a complete transformation. I believe that’s all you need.

No More Routines

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal. ~Paulo Coelho

One of my biggest downfalls and transformations has been to let go of routines and habits. It has been a welcomed change, for just like Paulo Coelho says, it is lethal.

I know that there are so many people telling you otherwise, that you should focus on habits. That each day you should go to the gym, wake up early, read, journal, meditate, all of that.

All for different purposes, to achieve success, to acquire peace of mind, to be more motivated, and so many more achievement-based purposes. For many it has in some way worked, they have changed their lives, but not transformed them.

The difference between these is that change is external. Plants change the world changes, your body changes. Yet what’s inside doesn’t. If you change, you change your circumstances, the things you do, yet you don’t transform that which is inside. You are still bothered by many things, dealing with many problems, and dull down the things you feel.

I think that’s the most lethal thing to do, to dull down what we feel. We obviously do this with drugs and substances. But routine and habits do this too. The more you do something, the easier it becomes and yes you will consistently change, but you are likely to become numb.

I think that’s the most lethal thing to do, to dull down what we feel. We obviously do this with drugs and substances. But routine and habits do this too.

You do it on autopilot, now what a waste a beautiful life that is, to live a large portion of your day on autopilot just going down your list of habits each morning and night.

That’s why I decided to stop with the routines and forced habits. If I want something and I face resistance I look into it. I don’t push through it, or dull it down by forcing myself to continue anyways. Nor do I force myself to work out each day, or read each day, and you know what?

I’ve found myself doing these things more because I enjoy them, not because I have to create a habit out of them.

Secret To Change

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. ~ Socrates

Problems, or at least setbacks, are going to happen naturally. Without it, life wouldn’t be any fun, cause it would all go the way we want it to go. Yet focusing all our energy on fighting the setback in order to get back to what was, or fighting old behaviors makes these things unpleasant.

It is our resistance to a transformation that creates the sensation of discomfort. And we resist transformation by focusing our energy on fighting. That’s the paradox of change, we think we change things by fighting it, but that will only cost a lot of energy and causes no change. It is fighting that causes you to hold on to bad parts of yourself, instead of changing them.

The paradox of change is that we think we change things by fighting it, but that will only cost a lot of energy and causes no change. It is fighting that causes you to hold on longer, instead of focusing your energy on the new and therefore naturally and effortlessly change.

It is focusing our energy on the new, that is natural and effortless. It opens your eyes and heart to new possibilities. I would say it is a solution-based mindset instead of a problem-reducing mindset.

Just Now

Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget about everything except what you’re going to do now – and do it. ~ William Durant

This aligns perfectly with the second quote from Socrates. Don’t blame yourself for mistakes or failures like I did. I loved to blame myself for every tiny mistake I made. I had to be the best. Not realizing that I wasn’t the best because I was blaming myself.

What’s most important is to pay attention to the here and now. To what you are doing now, or what is happening to you right now.

You see, we are so busy trying to achieve a better future, or get rid of the past that we forget that all of this is only happening in the here and now.

trying to improve the future can only be done at this very moment

It is this realization that changed my life the most. That trying to improve the future can only be done at this very moment. The same goes for finding peace with the past, it is only done right now. Not in some sort of process or linear line. That’s just us thinking about the problem instead of actually solving it.

It is the idea that one day you’ll achieve it, or one day you’ll find peace with it, that is holding on to these things longer than necessary. Causing you to exhaust yourself. So let go, and focus on what is now.

Let Go of Control

Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone. ~ Alan Watts

I was keen on trying to control every part of my life. I thought that at some point in my life I would have everything under control and that this control would mean I would be happy and peaceful in life.

But just like Alan Watts says, we can’t clear the water if we try to control it. If there is mud in the pond and we try to get rid of it, it will only get worse. The moment we stick our hand in the muddy water we stir it up and that water will remain muddy. If we leave it alone the mud will gradually sink and the water will be clear.

It sparked the fire within me to let everything be. I do not try to control change in my life anymore. I pay attention to what it is I am doing and that’s it. If I encounter problems or rough moments in my life I don’t try to get rid of them. I just leave it alone and look at it.

Gradually I see the problems sink to the bottom and clearing the water. Stop sticking your hands in the natural and beautiful evolution of life. Let it happen, just pay attention to its marvelous spectacle.

Force is Useless

Don’t try to force anything. Let life be a deep let-go. God opens millions of flowers every day without forcing their buds. ~ Osho

This is a perfect reminder for you to let everything be. I know it is tempting to try and get everything under control, but life’s magic happens when we let go of that control.

Just like the flowers, flourish without force. Or the ocean ebbs and flows without force. If you look around you, you’ll see that all of nature is peaceful, effortless, and without force.

Most of all that through this unforced way of existing they make you feel joyful and loved. Isn’t that enough for you to realize that our desperate control of life isn’t making it any better?

Your Inner Voice

The very lesson you were learning was that of trusting yourself. You were learning to listen to and trust your inner voice. You were learning to open your heart. Despite all your fears, you have done a grand job. Look how much you’ve changed ~ melody Beattie

If there was one revelation that I wished I knew sooner it would be this one. To listen to my inner voice. That sounds whooshy, but it comes down to this. That you listen to what feels right.

Literally, what physically feels right. Now I am not talking about desire, for that is of course a physical sensation that feels right. But I am talking about making decisions. All decisions you make will have a physical response. If that physical response feels good make that decision. If it doesn’t don’t make that decision.

Your body carries vast amounts of wisdom, and it would be a waste to not listen to that.

Be Love

Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love. ~ Rumi

Being in love isn’t just restricted to falling in love with another human being. Being in love with life, I think that is the biggest discovery I had this last year. That caused a complete transformation.

If I now look around me I see the beauty of the world. I fall in love with life every minute. Even with the minutes that I feel bad. For this is still something that happens.

What has changed is that I see how it reminds me that I am still alive. That even feeling bad is a gift, for if I wouldn’t feel bad it would mean I wouldn’t be alive.

So wherever you are, indeed be in love with life. I hope that these revelations will spark that fire within you. That you will fall in love with life as well. To see how insane it is that we try to control it or change it, but that everything is natural and effortless.

Your Advice

Complete transformation of oneself isn’t about reading a lot of books, or quotes, or sticking to habits and routines. A complete transformation of our lives happens when we learn to listen and learn about ourselves in everything we do. ~ Daan Uijterwaal

Now I wanted to give you this one. Because for me none of these quotes would have sparked a change if I didn’t listen to my own intuition.

I think that we are lost in this world, thinking that we can control it, or that we ought to control it. It’s a marvelous trick we’ve been playing with ourselves.

Yet that complete transformation is like the butterfly we can all experience. It’s within each one of us. All we need to do for it is to listen and learn about ourselves in everything we do.

The funny thing is, to do that we just live. That’s the joke, the paradox. We think that there is something special to this life, something that we need to discover one day. But there isn’t. The thing that’s so special about life is that it is happening right now.

If you realize that, you’ll see that just being alive is the most beautiful thing there is. For today you live. Make the most of it.

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