A Closer Look on Manifestation, Understanding its Power


Understanding the Basics on How Manifestation Works

My eyes are closed, and a soft voice sounds through my headphones. “Take a view deep breaths… in through your nose… out through your mouth.” I take three deep breaths, a few of the muscles in my body relax, but my mind on the other hand is still zooming all over the place. “Once you are settled, and feel relaxed imagine yourself opening a door.” The voice continued. “On the other side of the door is an empty movie theatre, with a black movie screen. Take your seat and get comfortable.” I imagine the seat, but still don’t feel comfortable and relaxed. The soft female voice continues.

“Now imagine a scene, a scene in which you have just realized that what you want has become reality. See how your dream has come true. Now play that scene, and feel the positive emotions going through your body.” I follow the voice and imagine myself picking up my phone and seeing 100 000 followers on Instagram. I feel the sense of gratitude, peace, and pride going through me. This is what I want. This is what I want to manifest. I sit there playing the moment through for another few minutes and then the voice says: “Now open your eyes to this reality, and see that whatever you are manifesting is already taking place.” I open my eyes and feel great. I feel as if I have already achieved this goal.

I get up from my seat and start working, I start writing. And after I’ve written the first part of an article I open my phone and startup Instagram. Nothing. I see no likes, no new followers, no comments, nothing. That great feeling I just felt when I finished the manifestation practice is gone. I start to worry and stress out. “Is it working? Or is it all fake? I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now, why isn’t it working yet?” I think to myself.

The feeling of excitement, joy, and peace is gone. I fall back into doubting if all of this is true if we can really manifest what we want. I start to wonder if manifesting isn’t just making my life worse? Or am I doing something wrong? I wanted to understand manifestation, together with you. So let’s take a closer look at manifesting, so we can understand it.

Create Something Out of Nothing

I start to look for research on manifestation, to see if it’s true. Then I realize that my problem with manifestation isn’t about whether or not it is scientifically proven, but that I don’t understand it myself. To understand it, all we can do is turn inwardly, and think about it freely. I let go of my knowledge on the topic, all the articles I read, books, and podcasts I consumed, and all the knowledge and ideas on manifestation that are in there. I ask myself to explain how I understand manifestation to myself. What is manifesting? How does it work?

There was a moment of silence. No answers to these questions came up for a while until something started to creep up on me. Another question came up in my head. What is it I want to manifest? This is a question to answer first before we can understand what manifesting is. I want to manifest a loyal following on Instagram, that’s what I am trying to manifest. Quickly I find my answer after I answered this question of what it is I want to manifest.

A vivid image of what that looks like comes up in my mind. I see myself working on videos, stories, and posts, I see how I share my purpose to help as many young adults feel alive, through the use of social media. I see all the small individual elements that go into running this social media page. Funny enough I don’t imagine the follower count or the number of people following me. I only see the steps, the actions, the lifestyle that comes with my dream to have a big-sized audience on social media.

Manifesting isn’t about creating a specific goal, but it is about creating a specific lifestyle.

I realize that this is what manifesting is. Manifesting is creating something that’s not there yet. Manifesting isn’t about creating a specific goal, but it is about creating a specific lifestyle. Which as a result will bring the goal you have. I see that manifesting isn’t about realizing your dream all at once, but that it is about creating and manifesting all the incremental acts that go with that dream you have.

I always thought that manifesting was something to happen in the future, but manifesting is something that happens straight away. Through the action you take. Only I thought that manifesting was only about the results. The goal, the dream I had in mind. You can see it like this. If you want to manifest a great-looking body. (yes this is a very shallow and superficial goal, but it is easy to understand) You imagine what that dream body of yours looks like. You can imagine if you have abs or not, how your arms and waist look, and so on. We can start to believe that manifesting is about attaining this result. Yet that result will only come to manifest if we take actions accordingly.

We start to work out each day for only 30 minutes and have three healthy meals each day. All of these are small actions, yet they together manifest the bigger result you dream of. That’s really what manifestation is, it’s not just the end goal, the dream you want to realize. Manifesting is more so about imagining the process, the action, the love you put into it. All those small steps, each one of them, will work towards the thing you want to manifest. You are creating that which you dream off, that’s what manifestation means.

The hardest part is to keep up with those actions, even when the results aren’t there yet. Even when you think that the manifesting isn’t working. It requires a level of trust, that all of it will work out. Which gives you confidence and peace of mind, which both are important to living a joyful and cheerful life. But why is it that we often fall back into worrying and stressing out about what we dreamed?

Why Do we Manifest?

I would consider myself lucky, or mentally strong if I can hold that exciting and joyful feeling for maybe a day. Most of the time after visualizing and actively manifesting I start to worry whether or not it’s going to happen, and most of all how long it is going to take. I wondered why I worried so much, why I stressed out about manifesting so much?

I figured that it wasn’t this question I had to answer. The answer to this question was fairly easy, I didn’t trust that it was going to happen. Yet then again, why don’t I trust that it will happen? For that, we need to understand why we manifest? It’s the root of manifesting. Most of us manifest and visualize because we want something because we desire to have or obtain something. We either want to have a good-looking body, we want to work in our dream job, we want to have a lot of money, and so on. All of this is based on wanting, and wanting is nothing more than a desire. A desire for something else than what you already have.

That’s exactly what’s causing me to worry and stress so often. I want it so badly, that I didn’t appreciate what I already had. I only saw what I wanted, I only followed my desire. But following your desire, your needs and wants creates tension. Anything that is forced, that is created from tension is destructive. This is why manifesting from a place of desire often creates worry and stress in the mind. If you want something so badly, that you forget about what you already have, you are destroying life. You are actively missing out on beautiful things happening around you, only because you want to obtain some future dream that’s based on desire.

Manifesting from a place of desire is like you only see the end goal, but none of the path that gets you there. It denies you off a lot of beauties on the path of life.

All of this manifesting from a point of desire isn’t helping this world in the right way. It isn’t flourishing and expanding your world, and the world around you. It’s narrowing it down. You only see what you want. Your vision is clouded, it’s narrowed down and becomes like a tunnel vision. You only see the end goal, but none of the path that gets you there. What’s wrong with manifesting from a place of desire?

What happens if you desire something? If you need to have anything? Because that’s what desire is, it’s more than just wanting, it’s a deep craving, a feeling that you need to have it. To desire, something means that without it you can’t feel satisfied. That’s why manifesting often goes with the belief that something MUST happen, but that’s attachment, and if I know one thing it’s that attachment to something, only weighs it down and makes it harder to either create or carry with you. That’s why manifesting requires a level of trust and constant change which will then transform and manifest into what you have imagined.

So manifesting isn’t based on desire or something you need. It’s based on a feeling of love for something. If you love to make something your job you can manifest that job, but that’s only because you love it, you don’t desire it or need it. If you don’t get that job you’ll still be fine. Yes you will feel down, and sad for a while, but there will be something else that’s far more beautiful coming to you. But if you need that job, and you depend on it, it will work against you, make you feel tired, exhausted, and dissatisfied. Things won’t go as easy and natural as they are meant to go when you need something.

Things won’t go as easy and natural as they are meant to go when you need something.

This is often what people get wrong. That manifesting is about wanting something, but it’s not wanting. Manifesting is loving something, loving a job, loving a relationship, loving the money you want to have. J. Cole for example talked about manifesting his success. When I listened closely I noticed that he is talking about it lovingly. He didn’t need it or desire it. He didn’t need to be famous or be the biggest rapper. He wanted it, he thought it would be great, and he loved the idea. His self-worth wasn’t attached to the outcome or speed of his manifestation. He loved his art form and couldn’t see himself doing anything else than that. So he started manifesting it and taking actions to create that manifestation.

And so can we. We don’t have to stress about manifesting. We don’t have to worry about if it’s working when we will make our dreams come true, or how they will come true. All we need to do is be at peace. For that, there is a very important question to answer for yourself. Why do you stress out on getting what you want to manifest?

I needed to answer that question, I needed to understand why I was stressing out so much about my dream. Why I didn’t trust that it would work out and that it would come true. The reason for that in my case was that I was scared. I was scared that if it didn’t work I would have to give up on my dream and start working a 9 to 5 job. That fear of not making it, of not being able to live my dream, to manifest it, made me stress out and doubt whether or not manifesting was legit. To be honest, it’s the reason why I wrote this, to see if manifesting is legit.

whether you want to see it as something strictly spiritual where a higher power gives you what you want, or working consistently and creating your luck doesn’t matter.

Shall I give you the answer? It is, and whether you want to see it as something strictly spiritual where a higher power gives you what you want, or working consistently and creating your luck doesn’t matter. What matters is that manifesting is nothing more than reframing your story, your own life story, and then starting to make that new story a reality. Manifesting is making that which you dream of come to life. So that you can live it, feel it, touch it, experience it. If it stresses you out that things don’t work out right away all you can do is understand why you stress out? Why is it that you stress out over manifesting? Why do you stress out over something that’s out of your control? Which is, whether or not you will make your dream come true. Let me give you a story that will show you that you don’t have to worry about whether or not your dream will come true. It will.

The Story of The Farmer (Not What You Think it is)

It’s a story that answers the following question: how can something just manifest out of thin air? It doesn’t. Everything is already here.

I once heard this story of a farmer. The farmer knows one thing about manifesting, although he doesn’t call it manifesting. He calls it nature. But the farmer planted his seeds one day, he plowed the land, watered it, took care of it, he had the tools, the knowledge, and the machines to do the work. He loved doing his job, and he trusted that his plants would grow. He did everything he could, now it was time for nature to start raining, and bring sunshine.

The farmer gave everything to the seeds, he did everything that was in his power, he even gave water to the plants when it didn’t rain. But he couldn’t control the seeds to grow, that’s manifestation.

The farmer gave everything to the seeds, he did everything that was in his power, he even gave water to the plants when it didn’t rain. But he couldn’t control the seeds to grow, that’s manifestation. Everything the seeds needed was there, but for the seeds to grow the farmer could do nothing but trust on the process of nature.

We can’t control manifestation, we must trust in the process of growth. Just like the farmer does everything he can to contribute to the growth of the seeds, but the actual growth he can’t control. That’s to nature, to life, to the universe, to God or Allah whoever you believe in. We shouldn’t be so worried about trying to control the growth. All we need to do is show up, consistently, do it with a plan, be strategic, and do it in small steps. Those are all the things you can do to give the seeds everything they need, but beyond that point, all you can do is be patient, trust, and enjoy life.

I think that’s what got me, what I didn’t understand about manifesting. That it’s something out of our control. That’s scary, to trust that something will work when you can’t control it. Yet at the same time, that trust will encourage your manifestation. You will probably ask why trust will stimulate manifestation? For that you must answer this for me: what do you feel when you trust someone? What kind of emotion goes through you? Do you feel tension, anxiety, stress, worry? Or do you feel peaceful, relaxed, joyful, safe, comfortable maybe?

All the emotions related to trust will make you feel good, their qualities are the same. They open your heart, they show you the beauty of life.

Exactly it’s the latter that you feel and experience. All those emotions will make you feel good, their qualities are the same. They open your heart, they show you the beauty of life. Instead of fretting about it and worrying if it will work. This leads me to the final question. Maybe the most important question.

Why do we manifest? This is an important question to ask ourselves. What’s the reason that we manifest? Is it because we need it? Because we think that we can’t be happy without it? Do we just manifest what we want just to have it? To own it? Or is there a deeper meaning behind it? I think there is, the purpose that’s behind everything we do. We manifest for the sole purpose to feel good, to enjoy our lives, to love living. In short to feel alive. Not just for us to feel alive, but for the people we love, to also feel alive.

We don’t manifest for the sole purpose of personal desire. We manifest for the benefit of all of humanity. It’s a question we should always ask ourselves before we want something, do we manifest it to acquire, or to experience? If you do it to acquire, to own, to obtain, then you do it out of personal desire. Is it because you want to experience it, share it, feel it, live through it? Then you are doing it for the benefit of the entire planet. Both for yourself, and those around you. This is a fundamental part of manifesting.

Why is this a fundamental part of manifesting? You might ask because life is about the experience, not the obtaining of things. It’s about feeling alive. To enjoy life, and make the most of it. We should never forget that we are alive, and that, that’s a beautiful gift we don’t even need to manifest. Manifesting and creating something we would love to have in our lives is great. Yet let’s not forget all the beautiful things we already have. Good health maybe, or friends and family, food on the table, a house, a phone, or a digital device. All things to be grateful for, all things that expand our experience of life. Let’s not forget that this is the reason we manifest. To expand our experience of life, and the lives of those around us.

If your choice is based on the love for life you will make your life and the life of others more beautiful.

Let’s first understand and experience the beauty of our current life, so that we can make the choice that is based on your love for life, not on the choice of changing your life. Because changing one’s life as it is, because one doesn’t like his life, is based on fear, running away, dissatisfaction. Which is destructive, both for yourself and others. Yet if your choice is based on the love for life you will make your life and the life of others more beautiful. You will start to feel alive, and enjoy every minute of it. So you can end your day and say, Today I Lived! I made the most of it.

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