A grasp at figuring out the creative process


The creative process is never ending. It is unclear and sometimes crippling. But it is part of the process. The struggle, the discomfort is part of it. This is a grasp and understanding the creative process.

Are you a creative person? Someone who makes something, thinks of something, or does something? In the end, we all are. We face problems that need solutions and the solution can only come if we figure out how to solve the problem. This requires creativity. So we are all creative. Some in more practical ways than others, still all creative. Still, all born with this desire to create and come up with solutions. It’s a worldly thing. Not only a human thing I now realize. Animals try to come up with creative solutions to survive or thrive. It’s part of the wonder of nature.

It was God that first started this creative process, so it is no wonder that we all use it. We all have some small part of God within us, just like everything we create has a small fraction of us within it. A painter doesn’t just create a painting, he leaves something of his own in there. A piece of his history, emotional pain, love, time, work. In essence, everything we create and everything God has created encompasses something that is intertwined with ourselves. There is a piece of us in everything we create.

God didn’t do it all in one go

But how come we struggle with this creative process? How come we do not have the solution? How come we at times feel worse when creating then, not creating? How come we at times feel there is something lacking? If we have inherited the ability to be creative from the master himself, God. How come we struggle? Because maybe God struggled as well. He didn’t just create the earth in one day. He builds upon it. Each day he finished feeling accomplished. Creating the sun and the moon. Water and land. Every day again he felt satisfied. Yet the day after he figured there was something missing. Maybe he still has not stopped creating. Maybe he still is trying to add new things to the wonders of this world. To make it more complete, to enhance it, to evolve it, and make its beauties even more ungraspable for us humans.

God didn’t just do it all in one go. He struggled in his own way. He just didn’t see the struggle as something bad. He chose to look at it in a different light. In the light that each day he did all he could. He finished the day feeling satisfied no matter what he created that day. He didn’t wonder, ‘how could I have done more today?’. Not at all. He was satisfied with himself, with the world he created.

Figuring out is part of the process

This leaves me with the understanding that in this process the struggle is needed. It is this ‘figuring out’, this thinking of how we could evolve or grow that gives us the ability to be creative. To be happy. It is only at the moment we start to think we haven’t done enough, or that we aren’t good enough that we lose this happiness. That the creative process becomes a drag to take with you. At this point, I would say just drop it. Just like God took a day of rest. Drop your creativity and rest. Do not look at the problem you where trying to solve, or the thing you wanted to create. Just look around you. See all that you have accomplished and shared. Then when the next day arrives, turn back to your work with hope and faith. With the courage to take on a new day of creating. Putting your pencil back on the paper, your hand to the strings of your guitar or the brush on the canvas. Create like you feel today. Feel satisfied with it. Do not think of the quality. Just know that at this moment it is enough. It is all that you can create and it is beautiful. Just as good was satisfied when he created the sun and the moon. Not wondering if there was anything more to add or to take. It just was.

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