A reflection on being different


Being different is something to be incredibly proud of. It can also be hard to go through. Feeling like you need to belong somewhere. Can you accept that you are different?

I wanted to share an experience of mine. That I’ve been struggling with for some time now. The feeling of being different. Of not fitting into the group. Making different choices and doing something different. It makes you question yourself a lot. Whether you are doing it right or wrong? Where one might go right, you might go left. It is just that you want to follow your heart and not what others think you should do. It’s this difference that might mean that some people will interact differently with you, or worse not even talk to you anymore. I mostly felt different because I made other choices than most will do. This was uncomfortable for some people around me and at first, might have made a shock.

I can’t really blame them. Just two years ago I was this teenage boy who wore new trending clothes, with a hairstyle that was modern. Which by the way looked awful on me, if I look back at it now. In just two years this changed. Making choices to stop eating meat, wear more sustainable clothes, grow my hair up to my shoulders. These are all massive outside changes. Next to that, I changed a lot on the inside. Reading more about spirituality and self-improvement. Trying to make a living with that. These are all changes that aren’t made often. At least not where I live. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t right.

Answering the question of being different

It’s not that weird to feel different. If you start making choices on your own, you are gonna make some that are drastically different than the choices of those around you. The thing is, it shouldn’t make you fearful or shy. That is what happened to me. I feared writing. I feared speaking up about the believes I had. I feared being me, it was just so different from the person I had been for all those years. Yet it felt right to do. In that change, it felt massively uncomfortable. It felt like I had to constantly justify and defend myself.

Why did I feel like I had to defend myself in the first place? Was it because of the people? Was it because of my fear? Why did I feel the need to show people that I was doing the right thing? I simply wanted to be me and be accepted for that. Isn’t this something we all want? After all, we are social animals. Living in groups. We need the acceptance of the group to strive and survive. In the past that group had to be the group you lived with, if that group didn’t accept you, you where doomed. But now, is that still true?

With the use of technology and being able to move anywhere in the world, do we still need the acceptance of the people in your home town? Do you at all need any acceptance? If we look at ourselves we can figure out if we are accepted. This acceptance isn’t found in others. I found it in myself. Most of our questions, fears, and doubts can be answered within ourselves.

Being different brings color

If we find that spot where we can accept ourselves we can bring color to the world. By simply figuring out why you want acceptance in the first place? This question does wonder. It makes you reflect on yourself and figure out what it is you are scared of. The ego plays tricks with you. So by asking yourself questions and diving deeper into the feelings, emotions, and memories that arise we can avoid the ego. By this, we can learn a lasting change. Something that stays with you to the end of time. So if you found that acceptance by asking yourself questions you can be you. Fully. Utterly. Completely. Which brings the world a lot of joy, happiness, and color. After all, a garden full of different colored flowers is more beautiful than a garden full of the same colored flowers.

Stand out and be you. Live your life today!

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