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My story


The quest to feel alive. That’s my purpose. That’s my drive. The love to get up each morning and write, create, learn, grow, move, experience, explore, connect, all to feel alive. I want to encourage as many young people to do the same. To feel alive through meaning, love, and happiness.

Experience the beauty of living

Veni, Vidi, Amavi

At a young age, I was confronted with life’s enemy. Death. The taker and giver of life. I lost my uncle and grandma both people that have influenced me to the core of my being. I’ve learned lessons from them and spent much of my time with them. My uncle was like a father to me, and the fact that death took him from me threw me into a pit.

I felt anxious, stressed, unhappy for years. I got up and in front of the mirror, I would gag, out of pure anxiety for the new day. I wasn’t fully alive. I was afraid of living because death could come so sudden and so quick. So I shied away, until there was no more hiding. I couldn’t take the anxiety anymore. So when I got into college I looked inward. To find the cause of my inability to feel happy.

There I discovered that death wasn’t the enemyIt was the source of life. Without death, life wouldn’t exist. It shifted me and showed me what we all want. To feel alive. That’s where my quest started. To feel alive. To experience the beauty of living. To feel both the good and the bad and strive to see both as equals. Parts of the same whole.

And now it is my time to bring my gift to the world. To encourage, inspire, empower and support young people to feel alive. To release the pressures that are on their backs and to start a new generation that is focused on feeling alive. To feel happy, meaningful, loving, sad, stressed, anxious, fearful, all for one purpose. To be alive! Because that’s what living is about. To feel alive.

Veni, Vidi, Amavi. We Came, We Saw, We Loved.