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You only
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Use the time that you have wisely. That is a lesson you have most likely heard more often. What does it mean? Well, I didn’t know. As a kid, you just do what you do. You love doing it and it doesn’t matter. As a beginning adult, you need to start balancing things so you get the most out of your life. Work, friends, school, video games, movies, reading, exercising, etc. All these things need to be ordered and placed into a specific time slot. 

I still don't know

The hard truth is that I still don’t know. You will never know because it is not necessary to know everything. As a kid, I lost both my uncle, who was like a second father to me and my grandma in just a few years. This devastated me. Making me stress out about the smallest of things. Like going to school, taking a test, or going to a party. I was constantly walking on my toes trying to please everyone and everything. After a few years, I started to realize that this wasn’t something my uncle and grandma would want me to feel. They wanted me to go on and make them proud. To leave behind something within people. Just like they left a lot of love and knowledge within me. 

So this journey began. A journey both inward and outward. Getting to know me and experiencing the beauty of living. As well as sharing this with the world. At first just to do it, but that has evolved into doing it to help others.

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Hi, I am Daan Uijterwaal

The founder of Today I Lived and I imagine a world in which we can all experience the beauty of living. I set out each day to empower and inspire individuals to challenge, learn, and evolve into the truest form of themselves. To end the day with Today I Lived!


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