According to This Gardener’s View, This is How You Listen to the Guidance of Your Heart
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He Who Lives With an Open Heart Will Always Find Help

It’s late in the afternoon, the sun is setting. Casting a beautiful palette of colors on the landscape. The gardener and his son were out for a walk in nature. They often took a walk together but this one was special.

“Tomorrow is your big day.” The gardener said. “Yeah” his son replied, but he didn’t seem too excited about it. Tomorrow he would go off to college. Leaving his hometown. Leaving his friends, and family. Leaving a safe place he lived all his life up until then.

“What are you feeling right now?” The gardener asked his son. He felt something wasn’t quite right with him.

“Nothing.” The boy answered trying to avoid the question. The gardener stayed quiet for a moment. “It’s just that…” the son continued. “I’m worried about tomorrow. It’s not that I am not excited to go to college. It’s more that…” The boy paused for a moment.

“It’s more that I have to start figuring everything out by myself. I don’t have you to fall back on. There’s no one to give me advice anymore. Of course, I could call you all the time, but that’s not the point of moving out. It’s time for me to have my own responsibilities and deal with my own life. I am just scared of that idea. How will I know what’s the right decision to make? How will I know what to do?” He asked his dad.

Unexpected Assistance

The gardener looked at his son. He knew the fears that the boy was facing. Every young adult goes through this as they move out of their home, into a life of their own.

“I know it’s scary, son. But that’s why I wanted to go on a walk together. There’s an important lesson that I want to share with you.” The gardener paused for a moment and looked at his son. Taking in a deep breath. He was touching into his heart. For helping him share this lesson in the best way possible.

“You see my son, there is always someone or something to give you advice. In the past years of your life, I’ve been one of those people who helped you. Who gave you advice, and helped you navigate through your young adult life. But now a time comes where I won’t be around all the time. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any advice to tap into. There will always be help for those who need it. Always guidance for those lost. And always love for those feeling alone.” The gardener said.

There will always be help for those who need it. Always guidance for those lost. And always love for those feeling alone.

“Life itself is our best teacher. It holds wisdom you can tap into. It is only when we do this when we start to learn that all elements of life hold wisdom that helps us navigate through our lives, that we will start to see that we are never alone. Although you are going off on your own, you will not be alone. That’s just what this world has taught you, that you are an individual. All alone. Without any help or guidance. But that’s just not true. Look around you my son. What do you see?” The gardener asked.

“Plants?” The boy answered questionably.

“Exactly.” The gardener answered. “But for those who feel stuck, who feel like they are stagnated in their lives, those plants hold a lesson. They will show you that growth takes time. That it can’t be forced, and that it needs the right circumstances to evolve. Now, look up to the sky. What do you see?” The gardener asked again.

“Clouds, but those probably hold wisdom as well, don’t they?” The boy said, eagerly waiting for his dad to answer.

His dad nodded. “Those clouds will show those who are in a rough period of their lives, that everything passes. That no matter what we go through, or experience that it is always moving. That one day it will be gone.”

“But what does this have to do with me moving to college?” The boy asked.

“That you’ll always have guidance to tap into. That if you look around with an open heart and open mind that you’ll find guidance in the whims of life. In the stars that tether to the sky. In the flock of birds that sear through the sky as the morning sun rises. In the emotions that make your heart sing and cry. Son” the gardener said with a deep and compassionate voice. “All of life has advice, guidance, wisdom for you. To help you. To assist you on this journey. On this adventure, each one of us is on. The adventure of living. Now is your time to discover this for yourself. Like all of us, one day need to learn.” The father smiled at his son, who seemed to be released off his burdens.

He Who Lives With an Open Heart Will Always Find Help

A few weeks had passed since the boy had left for college. He was calling his dad. The phone rang, and then he heard the voice of his dad once again. “Hi dad,” The boy said.

“Heee, how are you?” His dad asked eagerly. The boy talked his dad through his first weeks in college. He told him about the hard time he had with adjusting to this new rhythm of life and the responsibilities he now had. He felt overwhelmed and confused those first two or three weeks and was thinking about moving back home.

He told his dad how on a late afternoon, just like the afternoon before his departure to college, he remembered what his dad had said to him. He remembered the lesson. How everything in life conspires to help those who need it. How all of it aligns to those who have an open heart and an open mind. It was at that time that he clearly saw the opportunities he had right in front of him. He noticed how everything around him continued like normal even though he felt stressed and overwhelmed. He noticed that nature always takes its time for everything and that change is always uncomfortable at first.

His dad smiled on the other side of the phone. He was proud of his son, for he quickly understood that if one opens his heart to the changes of life he will always find help and guidance to transform himself.

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