Are You Following Your Inner Guidance?


Follow the Road Back Home, Flow With Your Hearts Desire

Our body is a center of wisdom we’ve lost touch with. It carries a pearl of wisdom, strength, and energy we’ve not felt for decades. We’ve overwritten it by pushing on, by working our asses off, by ignoring our gut and replace it with control. It makes us feel safe if we control the outcome of our lives. But it also makes us desperate and anxious. It will wear us down because we aren’t meant to push and ignore our inner guidance. Our inner guidance holds all the knowledge we’ll ever need, and living from this place of inner guidance will make you truly feel at home. The feeling of home, safety, and peace isn’t found in control, or in an image we hold of life. Feeling at home, feeling safe, and in touch is found within our bodies. Our bodies are home, they are the place to return to when we feel stressed, anxious, worn out, depleted, or fearful. In our body, all the wisdom we need, and all the lessons we need to move forward are stored. Tap into it and you’ll find power, a place of energy that will not run out, and that will make everything you do come from a place of love and strength.

You’ll see that the words you write and speak will hold more strength, more power, and wisdom. You’ll see that things start to align, just like you will start to align your body and center it into the here and now. The process of alignment and centering oneself into the body is the road back home. An inner guidance no one can take from you.

Tap Into That Inner Guidance

We all have a natural guide within us. The body is that guide. Our gut feeling or heart’s desire are both stored safely within the body. Always there for us to touch on. Always there to give us advice and guidance on our journey of life. It’s been a bumpy ride for me to get in touch with this inner guide. It’s not that hard to feel it, to experience its guidance. What’s hard is to follow it. It is hard to trust it. We might object, we might not trust our gut feeling, because to the brain, to the ego this is scary. It’s scary because the ego loves to control things and to follow our gut, and the inner guidance we give away that control. We say “I trust myself for knowing what’s right for me to do in this very moment. I trust my inner guidance with everything I got.” and that is like pulling off your hands from the unfolding of your life.

The gut and heart hold the roadmap we are never able to understand, but that roadmap will lead to the dreams we hold within our minds.

But often the truth is a paradox because nothing is more true than knowing that following our inner guidance brings us the happiness and peace we are after. By controlling and trying to hold onto all the lines we create anxiety and restlessness. If we know we have to do everything to control the outcome of our story we become anxious. We need to do everything, we believe that our dreams will only come true if we stress out, work instead of rest, and in that process, wear ourselves out. It’s not until we let go, become peaceful that the life we want, the life we dream of starts to manifest. The gut and heart hold the roadmap we are never able to understand, but that roadmap will lead to the dreams we hold within our minds.

Following that inner guidance is scary, but the beautiful thing is that your inner guidance will quickly make you feel safe. It leads you home, and home is where we feel alive. It’s where we feel safe and effortless. Returning home leads us back to our bodies. Getting in touch with it. Your guidance is stored in your body, and tapping into it is as simple as getting in touch with your body. It’s feeling your gut or feeling your heart. We can focus on a part of our body and simply observe and watch it. Tapping into the wisdom of our body will show us the road we need to follow.

The feelings we experience when in touch with our body are feelings of safety, power, acceptance, peace, joy, love, and clarity.

To tap into that inner guidance all we do is be aware of our body with everything we do. Right now I am writing this story whilst staying in touch with my gut. By doing this I don’t have to think about the words. The words flow from my gut, they seem to form in my belly and pass through the heart before leaving my body through my hands. It’s a magical experience to tap into your inner guidance whilst living. The feelings we experience when in touch with our body are feelings of safety, power, acceptance, peace, joy, love, and clarity.

To me, it feels like a warm blanket carefully placed on my shoulders. I feel safe, at home, aligned with the world. It feels like the words I speak are true, whether that be a personal truth or a common truth. Our inner guidance will always do what’s right for us as well as for others. Our inner guidance will never hurt another, nor ourselves.

This is Home

Tap into your inner guidance. Your body holds the wisdom you need. It knows what to do if you focus on your gut, your diaphragm, your heart, your throat, your forehead, or the top of your head. These are the places in the body that holds the wisdom and guidance we are looking for. If you don’t feel alive, if you feel numb, depressed, anxious, or fearful it is by getting back in touch with your body and your inner guidance, that you will discover a magical life. We are meant to be alive, not just to breathe but to feel alive, and that feeling of being alive comes forth from our body. It’s a soft and gentle feeling of peace, of being at home.

Your body is home. It’s the only lasting home for the rest of your life. Get in touch with your body. It’s a home that will be with you for the rest of your life. This is home, true home. It’s not one physical place. It’s our bodies, it’s following our inner guidance. That’s the home we are looking for. Are you walking home? Are you getting back in touch with your inner guidance? It might be a scary road to walk at first, but the road of the body is the road that leads you home. And home is where we can end our day and say Today I Lived! I felt alive.

Thanks for reading this piece on the inner guidance we all possess. I hope you will be able to tap into your body and embrace its natural wisdom, power, and guidance. I hope you will feel safe and at home throughout your life. If you love this content I want to ask you to check out my Instagram @today.i.lived it’s a place where we celebrate life and appreciate the art of living. I hope to welcome you there. If Instagram is not your go-to place you can also subscribe to Rise With The Sun, it’s a weekly memoir to the art of living. It’s a short email that contains wisdom formed into three thoughts about the beauty of living. You can subscribe at I hope to rise with you. Remember Today You Live! Make the most of it.

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