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Why you are feeling stressed and anxious when doing nothing

He grabbed the paper and held it into the air. Looking at his parents. The young man looked happy, but on the inside, he felt quite different. He saw how the entire room was filled with parents. All looking at the stage with a twinkle in their eyes and a wide smile on their faces. If he looked at his parents he saw nothing but joy and a sense of pride…

How we can use our phones as a tool to brings us more experiences, instead of take them from us

The horrifying sound of the alarm clock roughly woke him up. He turned around and sat up. Pressed the snooze button and lay back down. He looked at her…

How asking “How are you?” Can really change your life

On a Sunday afternoon, a worker was walking through the woods. The sun was slowly setting, barely above the treetops. The worker thought of his upcoming work week. He worried, about how he would do. It was his second month at work and he didn’t make his quota in the first month. He was too overwhelmed…

Why we should all stay silent in an argument

Arguing and speaking up is regarded as a good quality. But we have forgotten to stay silent and listen. I’ve had a lot of lessons in stubbornness and listening. I wanted to share these and appreciate the power of staying silent.

What I’ve learned about leadership from my side job

Human leadership is a skill we all poses. Some more than others but we should all have the ability to lead at some point. But what does truly make a great leader? It is not strength and position, nor money. But what is it? I’ll share the story of my appreciation of leadership and the things I’ve learned so far.

Why quitting isn’t bad

I wanted to quit. So badly. But didn’t. But there is so much fear on quitting even when you don’t want to continue. Why? And how can you use this. How can you make the most of this? In short how can you appreciate quitting or not quitting. Thats what this article is about.

5 reasons why your habits won’t stick

Sticking habits can be quite rough. I’ve really been trying to get my habits to stick. Yet some just don’t work out. Why? Some are just not right but how can you stick them anyways or how can you stick just any habit really? You’ll read it in this article.

How being an introvert can actually make you the funniest guy of the group

I have struggled with myself for some time in social environments. It always feels uncomfortable and I do awkward things. But over the years I have found ways to embrace this and appreciate is as a part of who I am. In this post I will go into the things I did to feel more comfortable in social situations and embracing my discomfort and awkward trade.

How anxiety can be your best friend: 5 basic tricks to deal with anxiety

Anxiety is something a lot of people experience. There is no shame in that and there is cerntainly a way to deal with it. Anxiety has run a lot of moments in my life yet right now I have figured out ways to deal with it. This is how I deal with anxiety and why it has become my best friend.

How Disney movies can help us become happier and live joyful lives

Disney has been nostalgia for centuries. It has been carried from generation to generation. Every kid growing up knows these classic characters. I have learned so much unknowingly from Disney. What that is you’ll read in this article.

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