Be as a fly


Flies are annoying little creatures yet they have a valuable lesson to learn.

Do you want to create your dream life? Well great, you are on your way. You might not have guessed it, but you can learn a lot of a fly. Yes, a fly. A lot of people would want to create their dream life. Filled with joy, a job they love, good health, wealth, possessions, and so many more things. But how do we get there? This is hard. Almost unattainable. Like a distant land that seems to get closer with every mile you drive. Yet every time you get closer you see something beyond the horizon. Something you want more. Desire more. A new or better place. So the drive continues. Always looking ahead. Into the future. Towards that place, you have yet to see. The problem here is that you see where to go. You just follow the road. But you just don’t see how it would be if you were there. From a distance, everything looks amazing. Even a pile of garbage could look like a small mountain from a distance. It is not until we move closer that we actually see how awful it looks. So we head towards the next thing on the horizon. A dream is beautiful. Lush. Full of life. You can see the beauties of it. How you would love that life. It is not something far in the distance you do not yet know how it looks. It is right here. You can see it right now.

As I was dreaming away on the couch this morning with a bowl of yogurt and some fruits. A fly grabbed my attention. Luckily it wasn’t inside. I hate it when flies go around my head, knowing I am not really allowed to kill it. After all, I stopped eating meat. So killing a fly would be fairly hypocritical. Never the less it was outside, lucky for me. Quickly and abruptly making moves along with the window. Sitting, then flying away again. Watching inside. Looking straight through the window. Trying to get in. He would never be able to get in. At least not through that window. It couldn’t be opened. Nor could such a little fly break the glass by bumping up to it. I would be devastated if it could. How many windows would have broken in the world if this were true? Never mind. So he stayed there. Silently. Almost without movement, for a few minutes. It was not until the little window above the door was opened that he rushed away. He felt the wind, flowing towards him. He or she, I really don’t know, just followed it. Flying through the window inside. Finally, he could see what was inside. Touch it. Feel it. Maybe eat some of it. He sat on the TV cabinet but quickly flew away into the kitchen. Onto the little food garbage container on the countertop. There he stayed. My rough guess would be that he found what he was looking for. His dream life. A can be filled with garbage. That is every fly’s dream, isn’t it?

Now, what has a fly to do with your dream life? At first, not much. Never the less, life is full of clues. Hints. Or better said metaphors for you to grasp. The fly is you. Just as much as I am it. It is sitting on the window. Looking at what he desires most. Or at least I would assume that the food on the countertop would be his dream. I don’t know for certain of course. Now there was this thing in its way. A glass thing. Still, he kept looking. Waiting for the moment to get there. This reminded me of the power of our own minds. The power of manifestation.

What manifestation has to do with flies

The fly was continuously waiting and trying to get inside. A lot of his attempts were not effective. Bumping into the glass. Yet then a helping hand opened the little window and he was guided. Freely guided towards his goal. His efforts had paid off. This is exactly how we could view our dreams. The lives we deeply desire. By sitting on that glass wall. Looking at it. Imagining how it could be. Working and attempting to get closer to that life. Bumping into the glass over a million times. Thinking we do not make any progress. Up until the moment, something happens. Like the little window being opened. For us, this would be something or someone just opening up a new path for us. A path towards our dreams. Which pays off all the effort you put into it.

This is why this little fly is such a great metaphor for us. He looked at what he wanted for minutes, in his world probably hours, and tried to go after it. This is what we can do with manifestation. Imagining the dream life we desire. See it in lush colors. Vibrant sounds penetrating your eardrums. Extraordinary smells flowing towards you in waves. Use your senses. See, feel, hear, smell, and taste that which you dream of most. Be in that moment, as if you were there. Try to get there. Bump into the glass a hundred times, maybe even a thousand times. Until either the glass breaks or someone or something just opens a new path for you. It opens and helps you find your way.

That is the magic of manifestation. Experiencing something before you are even there. Going for that experience and allowing setbacks to happen. And then when you least expect it, something will open. So you have a free path towards your dream life. At that point, it all happens in a sort of flow.

Look around you. See this wonderful life. Even the smallest fly has something inside it to teach us. Seeing it reminds me of the beauty of living. To say Today I Lived.

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