Become Like Wind


The Life Changing Lesson I Learned From the Wind

The wind is fleeting.

Always present, yet always moving.

Never settled in one place, yet always there.

It moves the leaves and lifts the birds.

It is ever-present yet never the same.

Become Like Wind and you’ll see that grace is with you in everything.

Become Like Wind and you’ll see that you are ever-present, yet ever moving.

Become Like Wind and lift those around you, like the wind does with the birds.

Become Like Wind and be ever free, circulating across the globe, yet ever-present in your current spot.

Become Like Wind in the mind and see what life looks like in every corner of the world, from inside your bedroom.

Become Like Wind and sit still and silent, yet internally moving always.

Become Like Wind and never get blocked by any obstacle. Instead, graciously move past and around.

Become Like Wind be light as air, never held down.

Become Like Wind and move water effortlessly. And see that just as water you can move the flow of life forward effortlessly.

Become Like Wind and you’ll understand that nothing is permanent, nor solid, yet always present, and always there.

Nature is a source of inspiration to me. It is a teacher like no other. The wind has taught me much. And this article is about what it taught me. The changes it has brought me, and the life I now live. The first part is about moving against the wind, why life may feel as if we are moving against it. The second part is about moving with the wind, how we can move with the wind and feel light and gracious. The third part is becoming the wind, and moving not just yourself but the world around you.

Part One: Moving Against the Wind

Quite recently I still felt like I was moving against the wind. As if I had to push to get the results I wanted. I was in no way shape or form like the wind. I was the opposite. I was solid, unmovable, and constantly trying to push myself forward when the wind of life wanted me to turn the other way.

I was forcing myself into a path that wasn’t for me. Which was to follow the trend, to follow what was popular to write about, to do what others did. I didn’t write something true to myself, I did, but I just didn’t publish it. To scared that it wasn’t good enough. The wind of life wanted me to listen to my heart, to speak my truth in the form that suited me most. Yet I did not. I forced myself to create common work. Like writing about mindfulness practices, or tips and tricks. I did so for a couple of months. Never feeling light and effortless.

Instead, I felt heavy, like I wasn’t following my inner voice. As a writer to not follow your voice is like a singer playing the drums because he believes that this is more popular. It’s like the student attending a college degree that makes money but doesn’t make her happy.

It’s these things that make us feel like we are moving against the wind. Like we have to work hard, make long hours, push and pull. It’s like chasing a rabbit but never being able to get to it. And I wondered why I did so? Why did I move against the wind when the wind was so clearly steering me into the other way. Into writing lessons, I learned each day and letting my heart speak about the things I loved to speak about. Which are spiritual, mindful, religious topics.

We only need hacks and tricks to get somewhere when we are moving against the wind, into the direction we are meant to go.

Not productivity, or tips and tricks. I am not the writer to give you these. It’s only when we move against the wind that we need these tips and tricks to get to our destination. These shortcuts are like getting into a cab to move down the street, so you don’t have to face the wind. To only find yourself in the wrong place the moment you get out of the cab.

You are lost. All those tips and tricks have not brought you anything you were after. They merely made your journey easier, when in truth all you had to do was turn around and follow the wind. We do so because we desire success, the result. We desire to get someplace that looks good, or we believe is the place we should be. We move against the wind only for success, wealth, money, status, but never for the place our heart tells us to go. That’s why we move against the wind.

I should follow my wind, you should follow your wind. It’s the wind in your heart that we need to follow. That will make the journey light and effortless, without tricks, without tips or hacks. Life isn’t meant to be hacked. It is to be lived lightly and effortlessly. And this can only happen if we move with the wind.

Life isn’t meant to be hacked. It is to be lived lightly and effortlessly. And this can only happen if we move with the wind.

Part Two: Moving With the Wind

To move with the wind isn’t that hard. The only thing that’s hard about it is facing the unknown and facing the fear that’s inside you. Moving against the wind makes you feel like you are working hard. It is making you feel like you are being successful. Because all the tricks and hacks they do get you to a place that in the larger world looks like success. This path isn’t scary, but it is hard. It takes effort to move against the wind.

But when we turn around and truly dare to dream, to go with the wind nothing will feel heavy or hard. It will move graciously. That isn’t to say that instantly everything will start happening, that you’ll find success within days. That is to say that the work you do. The days you live, are filled with light and grace, instead of heaviness and resistance. The wind will take us further than we ever dared to dream.

But moving with the wind is scary. It’s effortless and out of your control. Which we often hate as human beings. We want a sense of control. We don’t want luck to take over. We want to create luck. Thus we move against the wind, thinking, believing, that we are doing just that. But we can’t create luck, we can only keep showing up and luck will happen. By moving with the wind, by doing what we love to do most, we show up each day effortlessly. We won’t feel like it is a drag. It’s part of who we are, and showing up each day will put you into place for luck to happen. For luck means that you are at the right spot, and at the right time. And if you show up consistently that spot, that moment in time will show up. Effortlessly.

I now see how silly it is to always push against to wind. To drain ourselves, and stress out about things. As if we, small humans, can do something about the outcome of life. We can only show up and do so with love in our hearts. To show up doing what we love because if we don’t like what we do it will not be consistent. It will be like moving against the wind, and to continue down that path you need hacks and tips. But if you move with the wind, and do what you love, you will never need a hack or a trick to get where you want to.

You can simply be peaceful, confident, and trust that it will work out. For you are there, and you showed up with the wind in your back. And then when on the side of the street someone notices you, flowing with the wind, they will share it with the world. And when that moment happens we still have the wind in our backs and everything will seem to happen out of nowhere. As if it was an overnight success. So sudden. So quickly. So effortlessly. But that’s the strength of the wind. That always blows, that makes things move fast. It makes life a wonder, instead of a drag.

We can flow with the wind by following our inner guide. Which is often silent, and covered by fear. We should face that fear. We should know that it is uncertain and that it often means we do not have a backup plan. But know that you can always just step out of the wind and work in a small shop down the street. Not affected by the wind. There is honor in that too.

But for us to reach a higher state we can become like the wind. And not just move ourselves but those and the side of the street as well. We can lift them with us.

Part Three: Become Like Wind

That is the beauty of the wind. When we move with it, we will see that the wind is within us too. We don’t just get pushed around, we realize that the wind is in sync with what’s inside us. And that is when we notice that we have become like wind.

In that lies the strength to help others. To move them. To lift them like the wind has done with us, and does with the birds. The wind does nothing but blow yet the birds know how to use it to fly. They flap with their wings and then get picked up by the wind, having to do nothing but steer along with it.

We can be that wind for others. How? By lifting them. No matter where we are on our journey. Whether we are at the beginner where we have not yet achieved our dreams or at the end when we have. In all stages of life, we have something within us to lift those around us. That force is called love. It’s to inspire others to move with you. To speak no ill of them and instead lift them. To show them their potential. To always see the good in them. This is strength. This is the force of the wind that you can obtain yourself.

You can use it, you can inspire others to listen to their hearts. To make the right choices. To do what they love. To smile. To be joyous about life. And above all to move lightly and effortlessly. To change the hearts of those trying to move against the wind. To try and reach a certain stage, a certain image they desire to acquire. How can we do so? How can we become like wind?

To share our story, to share our lessons, and to help others. However small of a gesture we can do. It’s holding the door open for someone in a rush. So they can effortlessly move through. It is picking up someone’s wallet when they dropped it. So they don’t have to. It’s it smiling at a stranger who looks sad or consumed by thoughts. Because our smiles carry the ability to pull someone from their inner world and into the present. We have so many small ways to become the wind in someone’s life. Listening is one of them. To listen to their struggles and desires, to not give them tips or tricks because remember this only helps when we are moving against the wind. When we move with the wind we will figure everything out ourselves effortlessly.

Become Like Wind. Be Wind. By moving with it, and using its force to help others. To lift yourself and those around you. So all of you can flow effortlessly, and live a loving, joyful, meaningful life. For all of you to be able to say, Today I Lived! Make the most of it.

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