Do You Know This About Yourself? It Changed My Perspective on Life.
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Why Most People Don’t Fully Know Themselves

‘You are God,’ She said to me. I looked at her. Confused. The wrinkles on my forehead carried out the confusion. I wasn’t God. I was just an ordinary human being. Right?

‘You must be mistaking.’ I answered her and wanted to continue my way.

“I am not.” She said friendly. “You are God, and I am God too.” The woman added.

“Is everything alright?” I asked. Instantly regretting that I asked it. It was a rude question. I had assumed that the woman was going mad, cause after all don’t people with psychoses also think they are God?

“I’m sorry.” I quickly added.

“Oh, it’s okay my boy.” The woman said. “Many people have asked me the same thing. But I always find it a rather nice gesture of them to concern about my well-being. But I am fine.” She said and gently smiled.

I nodded and felt a bit uneasy. I wanted to ask her about what she said. About the fact that she said I was God. But before I knew it she was already walking off.

A painter pours out his heart on the canvas, therefor the canvas now carries part of his heart.

The Painters Job

I hurried through the crowd of people. “Sorry. Excuse me.” I said as I bumped into one after the other stranger. Finally, I was able to break from the crowd of pedestrians and saw the woman again. There she was. On the corner of the street.

I slowed down my pace and just before she wanted to cross the street I grabbed her shoulder. “I’m sorry, but…” and I paused, catching my breath. “I’m sorry for so roughly stopping you, but I want to know why you told me that I was God?”

The older woman kindly smiled at me. The wrinkles on her face looked like sand dunes. Her eyes were as dull as the dust on the furniture in my apartment. I realized that these weren’t the best ways to describe the woman, but I couldn’t think of anything else.

“I see.” The woman’s voice was elegant and slightly crackly. When she spoke I was drawn to her. “Why is it that you don’t believe that you are God?” The woman asked me.

I thought about it for a minute as all the pedestrians around me passed by. “Well I didn’t create you did I? Nor did I create the light, or the animals, or any of this planet… Right?” When I looked at the woman’s face I began to doubt myself.

“Let me ask you something else boy. If a painter, paints a beautiful scenery and it is hung on the walls of a museum what would the painter say about the painting?” I thought about it. It was a fairly odd question considering the fact that we were just talking about God.

“He would say that it wasn’t good enough.”

“No not that. What would he say if he loved what he created? What would he say if people interviewed him?”

“Hmm,” I hummed. “He would probably say that it was an expression of his heart or soul wouldn’t he? All artists say that don’t they?” I said and chuckled a bit.

“You’re getting close. Most artists, whether that be a painter or an architect express their creativity with passion. If they express this way all of them say the same thing about it. That the thing they created has become a vessel for a part of themselves. A painter pours out his heart on the canvas, therefor the canvas now carries part of his heart.”

“Now what does this have to do with me being God?” I interrupted. The woman wasn’t very fond of getting to the point quickly. I thought to myself.

Unseen Connections

“I see you are in a hurry my boy, so I’ll keep it short.” The woman said with a grin on her face. “God is the creator of all. Whether you believe in a Christian, Hindu, Muslim God, or Universe it doesn’t matter. Many people believe that this earth was at one point created by something we call God.”

“So?” I said hoping to speed the lady up a bit.

“So, God is the creator. He is the painter of this world. Now, what makes you believe that when he created you he didn’t pour in a part of him into you? If you do understand that a painter puts a part of himself onto a canvas, why wouldn’t God place a part of him in you and me?” The woman said and stayed quiet.

I was lost. Completely struck by this. I had… I had never thought about this. My brain was running around. It felt lost. As if everything I used to believe now fell apart. If this was true I had been telling myself a lie all this time.

“Have you read the bible?” The woman asked. I nodded softly. “Didn’t Jesus say he was the son of God?” She asked me and I knew this was true. So I didn’t answer. “He was one with God. He understood it, but all throughout history every man or woman who finds out that God is within every man is killed. Jesus, Gandhi, Mohammed were all killed. They all knew themselves, and they wanted to help others to do so too. But this was a threat to the world as we know it, and so they were killed.”

I sank deep within myself. The world around me disappeared. It was silent for a moment and then everything became vivid. Loud. Obnoxious. I felt it. I felt that presence. I looked around and notice that because of my sight I could see the world. Without it, the world as it was wouldn’t be there. I heard the people talking realizing that I wasn’t actually hearing the people, I was experiencing the sensation of my ears transferring sound waves into sounds. I marveled and looked at the woman.

“I am God.” I softly whispered. “I see now, how I create the world and the world created me. It’s a cycle. Without the world, I wouldn’t have anything to experience, but without me, the world wouldn’t be as it is.” There was a silence that was filled with a heartfelt passion for being alive.

“But..” I broke the silence. “But isn’t this a dangerous thing? To realize we are God?” I asked. The woman nodded compassionately.

“It could be if one hasn’t truly seen God within himself and all other men. If he only thinks about being God it will be a trick we play with ourselves. A destructive, possessive, egocentric trick. One that makes him believe that he is the center of the universe. But that’s not what God is. God isn’t the center of the universe. He is it. He is within me and you, in the trees, in the pavement, in the sun, and stars. He is all of it. Now would you kill, or hurt something that is you?” She asked me.

Of course, I wouldn’t. I didn’t say that. I just hugged her. Who would have thought? That I, I, in particular, would hug a stranger. I wouldn’t believe it myself if I saw it. But my eyes were wide open. I realized that God was within every one of us. That any destruction, suffering, or pain we cause in the world is an act of self-harm. For it is all connected, even though we might not see all the connections.

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