Experience the beauty of living

I need your help to make change. To evolve and grow. To make this world better. I want to show you the beauty of living. To experience the beauty of today

Today I Lived Manifesto

Living a free life means actually choosing what to keep and what to ditch. What to stand for and what not to stand for. These 7 values are the fundamentals on which we build.

The experience of Today

I imagine a world in which we all experience the beauty of living.

We can build that world together by challenging the status quo, learning to do better and evolving into the truest form of our selves. All for the purpose to say Today I Lived.

We have the power to change something.

Something in ourselves and therefore the world. We are not a victim of this world, but we have the power to change our views on it. As young adults we have broken the rules for decades. Your grandparents and parents have done the same. It gives you a kick. A rush. We can do that to do better for the world. To break the rules around learning, around growth and innovation. These things are more necessary than ever before. Instead of creating boxes we should smash them and stand in our power. All empowered individuals that are trusting and accepting too one another. That dare to be vulnerable and open up. People that dare to do what they love and use that to better the world. 

Holding a leaf

We want to change the world. To leave behind a legacy. That we can say at the end of our days that Today we lived. That we have experienced life, fully and done something to make it better than it was. We should empower others to do what they love and make a change with that. Not push them down so we can get above. That is exactly why Today I Lived exists. To create a community where we empower each other to evolve into our trust forms. To unlearn that which doesn’t work anymore, and learn that which challenging us to do better. To grow everyday. To see that growth is beauty and that the entire world is constantly growing. We do not see growth as ‘never being enough’, we see growth as ‘always being enough but enjoying to be even better’. Just like a flower doesn’t say half way through his growth: “Hmm I think I just reached my most beautiful form”. You don’t know your highest form, all we can do is to love the proces to get that. To use it as a North Star to do better and better. We are change makers in our own ways. Not just to make change, but to experience the beauty of living. To be joyful for all the chances we have. We do not see problems, we see solutions to them. Like kids, not pushing away the bad but learning from it and seeing how we can do different. Experiencing struggle and discomfort to learn from it. We can empower one another to make change. I need you, I need your expertise, your support and your wisdom. Not just for myself but for others. To help a community evolve and change the world. Cause change will not happen alone. It happens in unity. 

So at the end of our day, we can say Today I Lived!

We do this together

We want to support and empower you to grow and learn so you can take it form there. So you can become the truest version of yourself that embraces struggle and uses it to learn. To do what you where ment to do and use it for the better. After which you can help others to change too. We do this by sharing stories, the most profound way of sharing knowledge that we humans have. These are the simple things we can do for you. To make it easier and minimal for you. 


I’ll support you with weekly stories, that challenge you, teach you something and support your growth.


I’ll serve you with a simple letter that arrives on your digital doorstep with a downloadable version of the stories.


What easier way to learn that listen? In the car the gym or on the couch. Listen to Today I Learn the podcast. 


Dream with me

The Today I Lived manifesto


We trust one another
and our own believes

Without trust we can not build a brand. That is why the number one thing is trust. Trust in yourself with confidence, trust in your believes and the believes of others. Trust in the universe, God or any other higher power. But most of all trust in one another. Trust in the community, the workers, employees and everyone around us.

Fear has been spread enough, that we can’t trust one another fully. I say we can! I say that we can change this and trust fully. Without trust we can not safely experience this life. That’s why this is the very first step. 


We protect and share the strength to be vulnerable

To experience life you must be open to all it gives you. That means being vulnerable. There will be hard times, as well as good times. To experience both is the art of living. That is why we can help each other experience this life fully. So the next step is to open up. To be vulnerable and express ourselves. Our worries and fears as well as our gratitude and joy. 

Fear has been spread enough, that we can’t trust one another fully. I say we can! I say that we can change this and trust fully. Without trust we can not safely experience this life. That’s why this is the very first step. 


We stand together upon trust and vulnerability as a community

Together we are ONE community. One brand and lifestyle. Upon the solid foundation of trust and vulnerability we build to create this community. We do this together in harmony and with love. That way we achieve more. Not only individual growth, but growth of the community as well.


We grow individually
& in unity

To become the number one community to experience the art of living we need to grow. Grow individually and in unity. As one. Helping one another. Supporting each other in our community. As well as aspiring to grow ourselves. Each day! Like a plant grows each day, not to get somewhere but just to enjoy the process. 

Learning new things, not following a strict system of learning but defining our own proces of growth and learning. There is more potential in you and you alone are gonna be able to get to there. But we support you, help you and inspire you to do so!


We assist one another no matter our role or expertise

To truly grow we should listen to everyone. No longer silence the ones that are not qualified to teach us anything. But listen to everyone. Allowing them to show their expertise. Cause we all have different abilities. Maybe not unique abilities but all in some way different. So we should listen to everyone. Assist everyone no matter if you’re an expert or a beginner. 

Questioning one another isn’t something bad. It should be cherished. Seeking for truth always. We should strive to see questioning and debating as beauty not as hate. If it comes from a place of assistance and love you can not be harmed. Strive to assist one another with your passion, your expertise. 


We inspire one another
to grow and be ONE

As we go higher up the pyramide we start to get to the level of emotion. There are days we do not feel well, but we are ONE community. Therefore we can use our assistance, community, vulnerability and trust to inspire others to experience the day.

Not to strive to always be pushing but to inspire to experience your life as it is. To not push away any emotions or experiences but rather embrace them. Inspiring ourselves and others to be a unique and true version of ourselves. 


We express gratitude
& share from a place of joy

The final one. We express our gratitude with others. With the brand, with our family, friends, community or ourselves. Happiness doesn’t come before gratitude. Gratitude comes before happiness. Happiness is vague, gratitude is tangible. It is the final line of T.I.L from this we become productive and happy. Making a change for the better. 

We share from a place of joy. That way we put love out into the world. So we can receive love back. So each day we think of these 7 values. 

Trust, vulnerability, community, growth, assistance, inspiration and joy

That is why Today I Lived will be the number one brand and community to inspire others to grow and experience the art of living. Remember that Today We Lived!

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