20:30 | May 18, 2020

Embrace Grace Monday



Hi beautiful soul, I got a beautiful new Embrace Grace Monday today. Hope you enjoy it!


I would like to start a new series. Embrace Grace Monday. I’ll be uploading a short story of gratitude for each Monday. Hope you’ll like it.

This weak I sat down to think of what I was grateful for. I thought of the waves. The tide rolling in. Flowing freely, even rocks can’t stop it. The soft and mellow sound of the waves gently sliding in on the sand. It softly touches my feet, shortly after leaving it again. My feet sink in lower and lower with every wave.
The sound of the waves calms me, in some sense even hypnotizing me. Someone runs past me, splashing the water aside. Rushing into the deep. They fall, exhausted yet full of joy into the sea. The waves caries him. He smiles at me and waves. I rush in and feel the cold yet comforting embrace of the salty sea.
I relax and feel at home. The sea reminds me of summer. Of a feeling of freedom. I do not need to worry. I can let my body flow with the waves. I am grateful for the sea. It feeds our whole world and nourishes our souls to come to peace.

Gratitude is all around us. It attracts more. Start your week off right. What are you grateful for? Have a beautiful week full of new experiences.

I love you beautiful soul.

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