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Table of Contents

How Disney movies can help us become happier and live joyful lives

In appreciation of being a kid

As a kid, I would love to watch Disney movies. To be honest who doesn’t like that? I especially loved watching Ratatouille, Robin Hood, Tarzan, and Peter Pan. I think I’ve seen these movies over and over again. To the point where I knew exactly what was going to happen next. My sister and I, whenever we had the opportunity, would watch a movie together. These four movies were for sure on our top pick list. Whether we were at home or at my uncle’s and aunt’s place, we would always try to watch a movie. I still remember sitting on the couch at my uncle’s and aunt’s place. It was this brownish soft couch. Loads of pillows stacked in the corners in which we would both try to hide.

We both made our own cozy place. Our spot to relax. In the middle of all those pillows. It felt like a sanctuary. A place in which we were completely safe. My aunt brought us a glass of water and most of the time something to snack during the movie. Whilst my uncle was sitting on the other couch on the left of us. He wasn’t really watching. At least that’s what he told us. If I looked to the side I would often see him look up from his little Sudoku book and peek at what was happening in the movie. He too had seen these movies way too much, because he was watching them with us almost all the time. But after all, there is a hidden power behind Disney movies.

You’re never too old

That hidden power is that you are never too old to watch a Disney movie. You really can’t be. Especially not in this era, where Disney is releasing all these incredible and stunning movies of old Disney remakes. They take us back to be young again. To living life without worries besides when to go out and play and when to play video games. This was very important because I had to remain a steady balance.

Back to the Disney movies. They remind us deeply to be a child again. Of what it was like to watch these for the first time. I don’t even remember watching my very first Disney movie. I was that young. Still, the emotions remain intact. I still know how I felt watching Disney movies. So this weekend I was watching Finding Neverland an incredible movie about the origin story of Peter Pan. It blew me away. Completely. I was in tears at the end of the movie. Not because it was that sad, but because it reminded me of the story of Peter Pan. This incredible story of never wanting to get old and finding your own Neverland.

Finally, the story of Peter Pan struck a cord. I finally understood its deeper meaning. As a kid, it’s just fun to watch you never really think of the meaning behind a movie. You just feel it and that’s it. You experience it without thinking. But now. Now I am older I understand the value these movies bring. Peter Pan reminded me of the romance of life. Of being young, even though you are getting old.

Stay young, please

Peter Pan isn’t the only movie that carries great value. All of Disney movies do. There is so much beauty in these cartoons. Peter Pan is not just a movie of a boy that can fly and who fights off pirates. No, it’s a story of never losing your child spirit within, to always aim for the stars and fly, to dream and care for those around you. To watch out for the pirates who want to rob you of this freedom out of pure fear of time. Yes time, ever wondered why the crocodile swallowed a ticking clock? It’s a representation of death closing in. With each tick, it comes closer. To see how this story was build out of play. Out of just being a child again with a pen and a notebook in his hand.

That to me was beautiful. It was a subtle reminder to always try to stay young. To do what you love and have fun doing it. To not care so much about the outcome or how much money you make. But rather how much fun you are making. At times everyone will be against you, but still, if you remain a child inside there is nothing to worry about. Everything will be fine because you got your energy, your energy, and your love. You don’t care about what others think, you just want to play and enjoy what you are doing.

Hold on to that inner child. Watch a Disney movie once in a while. Enjoy silly jokes or just lay down on the ground for a second. Do things you would do as a child, mostly the things you think you can’t do as an adult. Those are the most important things to do. I am gonna try to do it myself as well. Starting today.

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