If You Feel Lost in The Chaos of Your Life Here is a Way To See It’s Beauty


Day 24 of Feeling Alive

What a chaotic mess. Plants everywhere. Flowers sprouting in between. Ferns. Trees. Bushes. Moss. Flies. Dragonflies. Butterflies. Small insects. Everything is crawling and flourishing on a square foot of land.

Nature is the most beautiful example of chaos. The chaos reaches far beyond what we think chaos is. When we look at nature I bet that you will see that the chaos we experience in our lives is nothing but beauty. Just like all sorts of plants, animals, and insects live together in forests, grasslands, and jungles reaching far beyond the horizon.

I’ve always been marveled by the beauty of this world, and I think much of our lives problems can be dealt with by simply observing how nature goes about things. How it handles things. I think nature contains wisdom that we have overlooked for long enough now.

What a Mess

Our lives are filled with chaos. Although we like to believe we have everything in control one way or another we will realize that we aren’t in control of everything.

The world’s situation right now isn’t the best, it’s chaotic, nobody knows what to do really. Yet that’s not the point of this article. Or well part of it is. Because our uncomfortable relationship with chaos is related to that feeling of not knowing, and having no control.

If I were to describe a chaotic life it would be a life over which I had no control. A life in which I wouldn’t know what to do, or what’s right. It’s that combination of not having any control, as well as feeling unclear that causes us to feel chaotic.

It’s the combination of not having any control, as well as feeling unclear that causes us to feel chaotic.

Things just happen out of themselves, whether we like it or not, and most of the time that results in things happening that we wished would have never happened.

It is our lack of control and knowledge that creates this fear and despise of chaos.

Here’s the Thing

When our lives become chaotic we would love to control it even more. Make everything fit in the ‘right’ way. It is this desire for order and control that doesn’t do us much good.

For that compulsive control will wear us down. Controlling all the lines in our lives means we have to be incredibly strong and resilient to hold onto all the lines all at once.

We don’t have to do this. There are simple solutions. It is a change of mind. Or rather a change of heart.

Right now we feel that chaos is bad, therefore we don’t want anything to do with it. When things get chaotic and we lose control we try to get back that control.

This change of heart came to me when I sat under a tree. Looking at a small patch of forest. All these plants, animals, insects, and elements were working together. For me, as a bystander, it looks chaotic. Like everything is growing into one another, and making a mess out of it.

Yet if I take the perspective of nature, I can see how everything grows in perfect harmony. Bees pollinate the plants. Birds feed on the bees. Plants feed the insects. Water feeds the plants. And all the plants seem to work together. Some species grow together so one can grow fruit and vegetables, whilst the other holds off insects.

It is nature that holds that change of heart, that will show us how to live harmonious lives.

Beautifully Chaotic

It is nature that holds that change of heart, that will show us how to live harmonious lives.

You see, there under that tree, I realized how chaotic nature is. Yet that it doesn’t feel chaotic at all. It is because nature doesn’t hold onto control and order. It holds onto harmony and union.

That shift did wonders for me. All my life control and order had been my main focus. I would try to control everything and keep as much of it in order. A messy room? No, I couldn’t stand it, I would clean it as quickly as possible. Something not going the way I wanted it to go? I would try to control the situation, act tough, and put in far too many hours trying to correct it.

But what nature does baffles me. Instead of trying to control everything, fix mistakes, and keep everything in order, it let it all go free.

Nature didn’t try to control the way plants grew and funny enough it didn’t become a mess, because the plants grew in harmony with each other.

Nature didn’t try to fix a plant that was sick or wouldn’t survive. It let it die, not holding on, and using its minerals and energy to grow a new plant.

And now we are here, trying to control the way everything goes, and trying to hold onto everything, trying to fix it. When all we need to do is be a little more like nature.

Instead of trying to control our lives, let’s live in harmony with it. When things go south, we go south. When things go up or down, we go up or down.

Instead of trying to fix everything that’s going wrong, or not according to your plan, embrace the lesson from it and move on. Use it as fertile soil to grow and enrich yourself.

Harmony and Union

I think that it is time for me to stop trying to control my life, or fix everything. But to instead live in harmony and union with it. To go with its flow, to embrace it all. Both the good days and the bad days.

So that I can live more like nature. In the midst of this beautiful chaos, that is all over the place, yet supports tremendous amounts of life forms and vitality. It might just be that through living in harmony with the chaos that we control it. And I think that’s a piece of wisdom that had me saying Today I Lived! I made the most of it.

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