In appreciation of stressing out


Stress who doesn't like it right? Just kidding everyone hates it. But that doesn't stop me from looking at the things we can appreciate in stress. Find out which things we can appreciate!

Never thought I would write about appreciating stress. I’ve always hated it. For some stress is mostly a mental problem but for some stress has a direct physical impact. One of those is me. If I stress out there are a few responses happening in my body. One of which is gagging, luckily this only happens when I am really, really, really stressed. Yet things like, pushing your tongue against your teeth or bitting them down on each other are happening all the time. It’s a form of stress in the body. So when I am stressed, it feels like my body starts to do these weird things out of itself. It’s really frustrating, and that frustration only causes more stress. It’s a vicious cycle.

So let me break through it. Let me break through stress, by appreciating it. By giving this emotion and sensation a bit of love. Maybe that’s all it needs. Stress makes us alert. It has served us well over centuries. Imagine standing in front of a big saber-toothed tiger and you freeze. You are a dead man. But what if you were hyper-alert and your brain switched into hyper gear. So you could outrun and outsmart it? Well, that’s what we call fight or flight response in the brain. Stress makes us more focused and active. So it could be used as a tool. As a means of achieving more in lesser time.

Just one thing to keep in mind. You shouldn’t be in this hyperactive mode throughout the entire day. I’ve been there. It’s not funny. Your jaws start to hurt, you are always tired and every muscle and bone within your body starts to feel painful. Not that much fun. What is fun though is boosting through your work. In this hyperactive mode, you can make quick decisions and can easily get focused. This is incredibly satisfying and fun. You just seem to glide through all the work that is on your to-do list.

So stress isn’t that bad after all. It can be used wisely to be more active, but now most of you and me as well would say “but wait if I am stressed I feel awful. My heart rate is increasing and I feel tense, sometimes I even start to sweet and get mad with my spouse.” You’re absolutely right. Same for me. If I am stressed I feel shit. There’s not much to say about that. It’s just awful. But, and I love this, if you start being active for a few hours it’s used and gone. Trust me. If you are stressed and you go to the gym or do a few hours of intense work you don’t feel it. You know why? Because you use it the way it was meant to be used. As a fuel, as a drive to push. After going to the gym or doing some intense work you’ll be hyper-focused. So to really have the benefit of it, you should take some rest now. Like real rest. Not spending time on your phone or watching a screen.

No, no, no. That’s no rest. Rest is to go out into nature, sit quietly, read a book or drink some tea or water. Simple things, those are moment of pure rest. Do these things and you’ll calm down and feel relaxed. Maybe that is the biggest thing to stress. We resist it. We do not want to feel it. It’s awful and bad. It makes us feel uncomfortable. So we push it away. Trying to get relaxed. In that attempt, we forget that we only create more stress. So why not shift your mindset. Why not see that stress can be used for good and then take some rest to feel completely relaxed.

Try to find the reason for the existence of everything. Trust me for everything is a positive reason for existence. So find that and it will all fall into place. It will all start to work out and make you feel more at peace and relaxed in the long run.

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