In appreciation of talent


We all possess a talent, it is that one thing we are both good at and love doing. This is the one thing we should all strive to find. Why? Read it in this article.

Have you ever found yourself stuck working on something? Not knowing where to begin or end? What to create or talk about? You’re just kinda stuck. But then the moment you stop and start doing something else, you get this impulse. A sensation in your brain. The slightest trigger is enough. That lights your brain up. And you just seem to be able to create. That to me is talent. A feeling, an expression that can’t be forced. That has been created or needs to be there within you from birth.

It isn’t something you can just do. I can’t just go now and create music. I’d need to learn. To teach me this new way. I need to create new talent, a new skill. But if I do that talent will lead me to new places. New unseen moments and people. It’s these talents we all poses, these sudden impulses to do something. That drives us toward new things. They make us come to live. Whether they are creative talents or an amazing talent to understand others and help them. We are creative and loving creatures. We have proven ourselves over the years to always come up with a solution.

We have started wars because we thought this was the right thing to do. As well as stopped wars and create peace and harmony. Agree with it or not, but these are both talents. Only one is used to benefit everyone, whilst the other is focused on benefitting just a few. But the talent for something is always there. In all of us. It is a spark. A small light. That guides us and drives us. We think that only artists possess talent, that only they listen to this inner light. Yet we all do. A nurse followed her inner light. Her talent for nurturing and helping people. A fireman did the same. So did the stockbroker.

It is our goal and one of our deepest desires to find and pursue this one talent. This one thing that we do not want to live without. No talent is not being able to do something extraordinarily well. No, It is not only for the artists. Talent is universal. Talent is the force within us that drives us to want something deeper. Someone who wants to become a writer, but has never truly written anything can still be a talent at writing. If he is drawn to it, he is talented. He just needs the skills to show his talent.

That is why we shouldn’t look at others and see how talented they are. It is their skills we are jealous of. Their talent is simply a guide for them. You have that same guide. Which might be in the same direction as the people you admire. So pursue them. Try to recreate what they create. Start learning and developing the skills around this talent. Your talent will take care of the ideas, the solutions to problems, and the motivation to keep going. You now must develop the skills to make this thing work. To be able to express your ideas and solve problems. That is our deepest desire. Finding that thing that makes us valuable. That brings us meaning and purpose. Our pursuit of finding this purpose is through following your talent. Your passion. The everlasting guiding light within you.

Can you find that today? In just one simple thing? Doing just one little thing that fuels you. Like playing a piece on the piano. Or helping someone close to you. Help your mom make diner, or take out the trash for her. Learn from the people close to you. Because talent is hidden. Really well hidden within everything we do and have done in our lives.

I loved building worlds, and characters. I loved presenting in school and taking photos. Each memorable moment has something of value. It has been amazing exploring all these memories. Understanding why something like playing with Legos stood out to me so much. Understanding that this memory taught me that I wanted to do something creative. That I loved building something and then breaking it down again to build something new. There are so many more memories. Filled with emotion. It doesn’t matter if they are positive or negative. Just go back in time. What do you still remember? What memories pop up?

What moments with family do you remember? Maybe ask your parents or family members about what you loved doing? What you filled your time with. This is different for each one of us. We all remember playing with Legos differently. I remember creating. Others remember playing with it or building technical hard to build things. All these small moments. Memories in time remind you of your talent.

You see, it has always been within you. Therefor the taking. For you to pick up where you left it off, and build. Build, learn, and grow. Develop skills. Experience the world in your truest form. See the sun in a brighter color. How people are kind to one another. If you follow your passion life starts to light up. It makes you cry and laugh at the same time. It will make even the rainiest days worthwhile.

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