In appreciation of the corona virus


The corona crisis has taken over much of our lives. Consuming us in negativity and fear. There must be something we can appreciate here right?

I am making a bold statement with just the title alone. There are a lot of people dying and sick from COVID-19. The economic structure and welfare that have been build over years is slowly crumbling. We, all of us are doing our best to do what we can. Some in researching COVID, some in creating rules and guidelines, and others to challenge those or to completely be against COVID. All of these people are necessary for this situation to be solved together. The critics are needed to keep the researchers on top of their game. We need the researchers to give governments guidance. So many more cross-links between all groups of people on this planet are visible right now.

We are slowly seeing that no matter what you think, or believe we should listen to one another. Not with judgment, but with love. Challenging what is in front of us isn’t a bad thing. It is a good thing, it forces us to rethink and evolve things. Yet this article is not about all the things we can improve. Nor all the things that are going horribly wrong in the world right now.

Start with a little of this

All of this is for us to start with a little appreciation. A little gratitude for the situation. That sounds weird, but man do we need it right now. If we keep on focusing on what is wrong without looking at what is right we are constantly trying to run from where we are. This has been part of the last few centuries and generations. We always strive for something else. Something better or just different. The same goes for COVID. We are all looking for the end. The light at the end of the tunnel. A vaccine or a cure, something that gets us back to ‘normal’. What if we could simply appreciate the situation right now? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

The reconnection with friends

Our friends and family have never been further away from us. Yet more than ever to we appreciate them. We appreciate their presence, their time, and conversations. The silly laughs with friends and the long nights at the diner table. Eating so much food that your belly is about to pop. These are the moment we forgot about. The moments that became normality and so we forgot them. So we needed COVID, something abnormal, to make us appreciate what is normal again.

The gift of the internet

COVID has also made us aware of the beauty of the internet if we use it right. For most people, they never thought to be working from home. Being able to spend more time with their kids and maybe working fewer hours. Of course, there are people who have struggled to keep the balance between work and keeping the household going. But still, they had the chance to be at home with their kids, to help them learn. It’s different and it might be hard, but we have learned that using the internet the right way around could save us a lot of time on the things we rather not be doing. It made us realize that we could actually live and not only work.

Our health

COVID also made us appreciate our well being. Our health and body. Realizing that a virus-like this could pick any one of us, yet for those who didn’t get it or recovered they are more grateful for their well-being than ever. We need this. It sounds weird but we need this crisis, this pain, and suffering in order to appreciate the things we forgot about.

I have forgotten the practice of appreciation for a while. Too focused on the things that I didn’t have. Too focused on what wasn’t working. Instead of taking the time again to appreciate what I have and work towards a dream. It’s hard for us and it will continue to be hard for us. There will always be some form of crisis. And there will always be some form of appreciation to find within that crisis. To make the load a little lighter. It will spark a little bit of energy that could grow to be truly motivational. That could power you to make a change, build towards something you want, and at the same time appreciate all that is already in front of you.

Life itself is a blessing, even, or rather especially during these moments of crisis. These are the moments that remember us of the value of gratitude and appreciation the most.

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