In appreciation of the image on the wall

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Table of Contents

There is an image on the wall. A small one. Not the kind of image that is obnoxious and straight into your face. Rather a subtle one. One that doesn’t scream for your attention. It just sits there. Quietly. Waiting for someone to look at it and admire it. It is a beautiful image. One taking in a golden summer. A memory that will not soon be forgotten. It’s not of much value for the guests. They just look at it and walk on.

But for the owners. Oh, man. They look at it every day. It reminds them of that one summer. All the memories. The smell of spicy food, people chattering in the back, and the soft sound of the sea on the shore. They get carried back to the moment that now is a memory, but in such a way that it feels real again. When they close their eyes they get carried back to a place beyond the body. A place in the mind that is so strong that they feel like living in it again. That’s the magic of images.

Images and photography are more than just a piece of art on your wall. It’s just like every other art form a way to capture a moment. Moments can go so fast but with the use of photography you can slow down that moment into a still image. One that is captured in time and can’t be move. This one moment serves as a simple reminder of everything that was involved at that moment. A simple image of a past summer can take you back to all the moments from it.

It’s for that reason that no matter what you photograph it is art. It might not be beautiful for everyone. Nor does it mean others just like it. But is that the definition of art? Or is art a way to express and capture a feeling, an emotion, or memory? In my eyes, art is exactly that. A way to capture. So each photo you take. Every photo on your wall has a feeling, an emotion, or a memory for you to re-experience.

Living doesn’t just mean living here and now. It is also going back to places that you have been and experience it again here and now. The image on the wall does that for me. The beauty of photography does that for me.

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