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Table of Contents

In appreciation of the newborn sprout

There are about five different plants living in my room. Most of the small ones that are easy to take care of. I am not yet a gardener after all. Yet there is one big plant in the middle of the room. I was watching it this morning as I sat down to write. I do this every morning after breakfast. A moment to sit down and write about something that had come up in my mind. Something I experienced, want to understand or appreciate. Now as I was watching this is a lush green plant, I noticed a new little sprout popping up on the end of its stem. Just a tiny little new branch. This, even though I have seen it happen many times now, still delights me. It made me realize how everything is born at some point.

The newborn sprout

The newborn sprout reminded me of another newborn. A wonder I witnessed a week back. A little boy is so fragile and soft. Pure of heart just laying in the comfort of his mother’s warmth. The purity of this connection is unbreakable. Just as the little sprout on the tree, so does this little one enter the world in his most vulnerable state. Dependant on others. His mother and father are the ones responsible for him. They hold him and comfort him. Feed and rock him. Trying to understand all his different ways of crying. Looking at him in awe. His head full of dark hairs, small wrinkly fingers trying to grasp and hold everything it touches. His feet still a bit clumsy to use. Kicking around trying to figure out how these new things work, in this for him ‘new world’.

Life starts out as one big experiment. Trying everything. Trying how to get milk out of the breast of your mother. Crying and making clear what you want without speaking. The feeling of warmth or the sound of voices. Imagine a world in which everything you see and experience is new. Is different from what you used to experience. That world is one big wonder. Everything you do from that moment on will be new. Different. Yet when you grow older, things seem to be the same more often than not. Every morning again you wake up and follow some sort of routine, or do something you do each day. Still, this doesn’t mean this can’t be new. This is new. Each day again. Each day the breakfast you eat is just slightly different. You might make it in a different way or sit in a different spot. There are so many small details of living that make every experience a new one.

This is the appreciation I got from the newborn sprout. They live to experiment. Try things and figure out how this world works. At what moment do we give up this experiment? At what moment things start to align and feel the same. Wouldn’t it be a waste to not experience everything as if it were new? As if this night is new and different from all the other nights. This search for experiences and experiments makes you feel alive. It brings you back to being born. To become that newborn sprout yourself again. Remembering the essence of it all. To experience the beauty of living.

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