In appreciation of the rain


There is duality in rain just as anything else in life. This is a small appreciation to the phenomenon of rain. One of the many wonders in this world.

The sound of the rain needs no translation. ~ Alan Watts

The sound of the rain is soothing. Calming the beat of your heart with every droplet hitting the window. In my youth, I would go out camping with a friend of mine. We would go with his family and I would sleep in his tent for a few days after which I was picked up again. These days I enjoyed the silence and peace of living this simple life. In these times I learned to appreciate all the small things. I would lay in the tent with my friend and we would talk about school, about what our deepest dreams where and of course as young boys do, we talked about girls. A lot. I remember a few nights in particular of the few times I stayed with them. They had one thing in common. The rain.

It got dark real soon. This was a sign of the rainclouds coming our way. So we decided to go to bed early that day. Opened the tent and tucked ourselves into our sleeping bags. It wasn’t always particularly a nice comfortable temperature in the tent. At times it was freezing to lay this close to the ground. This night was one of those nights. So I kept my pajama on and even my socks. Closing the sleeping back so far that only my head would pop out. This must have been a delightful sight because my friend did the same thing. So we would both lay there with only our heads visible. After a few minutes, the gentle ticking on the canvas of the tent reminded us of the rainclouds. We listened to the sound of the rain for a few minutes. After which my friend broke the silence.

“You know Daan, normally I hate the rain.” He started explaining. “I hate it because it is never at the right time. You either have to go to school on your bike or you just wanted to go out and play. These are moments you just wanted the rain to not be there. But still, when I come here, the rain is such an amazing feeling to fall asleep too.” At that time this was just something he said to me. But those few lines stuck in my mind for the rest of my life. Almost 10 years have passed now I believe and I still hear the rain. It still makes me present. It still reminds me of that moment.

Reminding me of the lesson I learned that day. Giving me a small glimpse of the larger understanding of the world. That even something like the rain has duality in it. That even though, at times, you wished the rain would not be there, you still love it. It calms you and leaves you in appreciation of the rain. Grasping the wonder of it. How it came all the way from an ocean. Turning into a cloud and then pouring down on us. In order to feed the soil that will feed the plants. Which feeds us with oxygen. It is such a simple thing, yet a moment to both cherish and hate. The duality of life will always be there, we can all choose on which side to focus. Even in as small of a thing as rain.

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