Hand into the sun
20:00 | Apr 05, 2020

Life can not be

without death



Take life as it is, otherwise death will take it from you. As today my grandma past away my eyes teared up. Thinking of her made me happy, full of joy. Knowing that I would never see her again didn’t break me. It wasn’t sadness I felt. But joy, pure deep joy for feeling how deeply I loved this woman. 

As she passed away, life sprung from its roots. It was like the universe was showing me something. That life can’t be sustained if there is no death. Beautiful rose colored fountain like flowers where growing on the trees as I rode my bike through my neighborhood. I saw how a few days before they looked like green pees. Now, now they looked full of life. As if there was a sudden burst of life all throughout the neighborhood. 

A duck passed by me as I crossed the street. Followed by five tiny pairs of feet slapping the ground. Following their mom as if she was her sergeant. Their fur looked like a warm cozy blanket near a fire place. Warming you up from deep within. I smiled and went on. More flowers blooming from walls and in the groves of the pavement. Not only rose colored ones, but all colors. Deep purple like the suit Prince whore on his album, white like ever woman’s dress on her big day. It was beautiful. All the memories of life. They cleared up to me like a window defrosting after a long cold night. 

There I was crying on my bike. Finally breaking through a wall I couldn’t break through. Feeling again. Really feeling again. As if that stone cold heart broke the instant I truly tried to touch it. Shattering into a million sharp stabbing pieces. Leaving behind a scar that instantly healed. A lesson learned, maybe not for once and for all. But for now. There truly is always something to be grateful for. Open up and be sensitive.  

It okay now. You can go now. I’ve learned what it is about. Take life as it is then death will never take it from you. It will be woven into your soul, taken with you through ever life. Every universe or every heaven. 

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