Today I Lived isn’t just me. It’s a community, a group, a movement that inspires the world to feel alive. To experience the art of living. These are the 8 core values we stand for. That make up the core of feeling alive.

1. Growth

The greatest feeling comes when we empower ourselves to become the best versions of ourselves, and to strive for personal mastery.

2. Connection

A spiritual connection to the world, life and others that feeds us with a sense of belonging.

3. Balance

Peace, and balance within yourself to do everything with dedications, care, and love.

4. Happiness

Being delighted and happy to be alive, and expressing our appreciation towards life.

5. Contribution

Serving something greater than ourselves. To be of service to others and the world. In the way most authentic to ourselves.

6. Freedom

To open your heart for the experience of life, and feel free within the soul. To live without attachments and needs.

7. Creativity

Finding solutions and having an optimistic outlook on life. To see the solution where others see a problem, and to strive to change it for the better.

8. Authenticity

Being truthful and authentic to yourself and to the world. So that we can feel most alive as our true selves.

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