Minimalism for the mind


Taking the mind into a new realm. Where the thoughts are minimal. Where we follow our own advice.

It’s been a while. How are you? I’ve been gone for some time now. Yet I changed things up for myself. Mentally. Physically. Spiritually. More at peace. Still struggling. Still a little hard on myself. Yet a simpler way of thinking. Simplicity has returned. I started this whole journey out just writing. Sharing what I experienced and that I found worth sharing. Something to think about. Literally something to live for today.

So I stepped away from that. Thinking this wasn’t the way. You need to bring value. Post something on specific days. At specific times. With specific form factors. So I did. 7 steps to do this or these 3 books will help you achieve this. It was fun. It was an experience. Yet it wasn’t simple enough. I made it harder for me. Harder for you. Harder to understand what I was about. Or what I was thinking about. The enemy to the mind is this notion that there is one way towards achieving something. A clear line. Your beautiful blue North Star.

There are amazing guidelines, for sure. People giving you advice. But don’t we take advice too religious? In a way that we must follow these rules to get where we want to be. Is there even a rule that brings you specifically where you want to be?

If we look at the word advice it says specifically to be a recommendation. So where does this notion that we should follow it come from? Probably from a young age. We follow what our parents tell us. Completely normal, after all we don’t know that the stove is too hot to touch. We follow their advice. This view on advice sticks with us, throughout our lives. Which is amazing because it allows us to try different things.

So what’s the real problem here then? Well, media in all its forms is more available to us. Actually each moment of the day. So there is a lot more advice for us to follow. This can create a mess. If there is too much for us to follow we can not choose. So we try to follow it all. Preferably at once. That’s a tough one. We can’t. That is where my mind gave up. That is where the shift in thoughts happened for me.

One thing at a time

Advice is amazing. In the right balance. Just as everything in life is. Or at least most in life is. For me the balance was found when I started focussing on one thing. Creating simplicity in my mind. You know that big hype around minimalism. You can apply that same philosophy to your mind. Making it simpler. More reliable and understandable. Also know as simplicity.

There is so much advice to follow that it gets a little rough to just focus on one thing. I wanted to build the website, write, record podcasts and so many more things. All these things because I followed the advice of many guru’s in these topics. I thought of them to be the golden rule. So I followed them. These rules aren’t rules. They are bare guidelines for our own success. There is way more fun in trying things yourself. So here I enter a new but old chapter.

Making things simpler for myself. Following the advice of myself. That doesn’t mean I deny the advice of others. No I still listen to them. Only picking out one at a time. Pursuing it till the end. That’s it. That is simplicity in the mind. One thing at a time. So first the website. Now writing. What is next? I don’t know. It is about what I can experience right now. What I can write about right now.

So what can you experience right now? What can you do to build your dream? Name just one thing. Not a list of things. Just one thing at a time. What would it be?

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