Never Let Anyone Tell You That…


Empower Yourself

In your life, there are going to be some people, maybe a lot of people that are gonna tell you, you are ugly, you are stupid, you won’t be able to achieve your dreams, you are weak, you are fat, you a lazy, you are a fake, or maybe even that you aren’t beautiful. We can do two things with that, okay maybe three. One, we can ignore them, and hate them for saying it, but we move on. Two, we let them get under our skin and let them break us. Three, we can love them for telling us, using their energy as a boost forward, and feeling compassion for our bullies.

Now, which one would you pick. It’s either one or three. Two is off the board already, but let me tell you. One might feel amazing, but it is never gonna give you satisfaction. Let me tell you why in this story.

Empowerment Comes From Rising

Those who talk down on us, and openly tell us all the things we aren’t, are always in a situation much worse than we are. They are hurt, damaged, in pain, from their traumas, their horrible youths, or from knowing that they let themselves down. The only thing these hurt people can do is try to take others down with them. I feel sorry for them, but not in a way that I squeeze their cheeks and act like they are babies. I feel sorry for them because there is so much potential in them as well.

This is the thought that I keep in mind, when I see, or hear people either talk down on me or others. It’s the reason why I choose option three from the beginning of this story and love them and help them rise as well. It’s because if we empower ourselves that means we have the strength to lift those that hurt us as well. That’s true empowerment, that’s true strength. We can of course ignore the bullies, and the haters, it would for sure improve our lives. But what if we could add a little scoop on top, and love them. Maybe even reach out to them and come to understand them. Now don’t do this to the entire internet, because there are way too many trolls, haters, and bullies on there. Just start with one person close to you. Maybe someone from your school, or someone you know personally.

If we know how to empower others, empowering ourselves is incredibly easy

I believe that empowering ourselves has a root in understanding how to empower others. If we know how to empower others, empowering ourselves is incredibly easy. We have probably already empowered ourselves by helping another rise. That’s why I’ve always believed that helping another is a road to inner salvation, and personal mastery as well. And this road goes hand in hand with self-love because in order to help another rise you already know that you can do it. If we doubt whether or not we can help another rise we are not fully loving ourselves, trusting our potential. But we can help another at any time, even if we are struggling. The road to feeling love for ourselves can also be found in empowering others.

I want you to know that you should never let anyone tell you that you are ugly, stupid, or that you won’t achieve your dreams. But I also want you to know that right at that very moment you are in the position to empower yourself by loving those who are talking down on you. This is something we forget, but the moment a bully talks down on us we can start to empower ourselves. I almost see it like this water bending technique from the avatar anime series. Where water benders bend the water that is thrown at them. We can do that too, by bending the negative and hurtful energy the bullies throw at us and bend it around and throw that energy back in the form of love and compassion.

This is the very first moment of empowering ourselves. Seeing that the negative energy that was just shot at us in the form of mean words does not affect us if we take it and bend it around to send it back as love.

This is the very first moment of empowering ourselves. Seeing that the negative energy that was just shot at us in the form of mean words does not affect us if we take it and bend it around to send it back as love. Energy never dies, and believing that someone can just fire away harmful words at you without you being influenced by them is denying that energy never dies. That harmful energy that is shot to you by the bullies must go somewhere and if you don’t transform that energy into love and compassion or let it flow through you, you will store it somewhere. Slowly eating you from the inside.

Compassion and Kindness, Instant Empowerment

My two biggest friends are compassion and kindness. These are forces and energies within us that instantly empower us, and those around us. It’s a strength so great that it can raise not only you but everyone around you. If you are compassionate and kind towards your family or friends you are rising together. If you perform a small act of kindness for someone you are feeling good about that act, and the one you did it for is feeling good about your actions.

Kindness goes both ways. If we are kind we instantly feel better, because kindness gives, and receives all at the same time. The same goes for compassion. If we are compassionate for those in need, if we feel sorry for them and take a bit of their struggle on our shoulders we feel good about ourselves because we are helping out, and the ones we do it for are feeling better because you are lifting a bit of their load. Compassion goes both ways as well. You first give it to another and instantly receive it back in the form of feeling good about yourself.

This is the empowerment we truly seek. If we truly want to empower ourselves we don’t do that by pushing ourselves up. We don’t do it by only raising ourselves. Yes self-love is important, and we should love ourselves, but this naturally happens if we are kind, and compassionate with others. For the same reasons I just explained to you. If we are kind we instantly feel better about ourselves. Now that is true instant empowerment of ourselves. So instead of affirming to yourself that you are beautiful, or that you are great, start seeing the beauty and grandiosity of others. It will, in return, empower you as well. Making you feel beautiful about yourself.

That’s the paradox I feel that we need to hear more. That self-love isn’t just giving ourselves gifts but that self-love is being kind for others and in return, we feel a deep and rooted sense of worthiness and beauty rising within us.

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That…

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not beautiful, don’t let anyone talk down on you. Do the same for others. Don’t talk down on them, not even behind their backs, not even within your mind. Hold kindness, and compassion for the bullies, for those who talk down on you. I know it’s hard, but it’s the only true empowerment of yourself. We need to spread more love, not hate, and that starts by loving those who spread hate because that is the root of the hate.

Love yourself not just by brewing yourself a nice cup of coffee, or taking a long bath, or treating yourself with ice cream, or affirmations. Love yourself, by giving you the deepest and most valuable gift one can give himself. That is spreading kindness and compassion. If we do that, it will instantly come back to us. Just remember the last time you did something kind for someone. Like smile at a stranger, or thanked your barista for making you a coffee. Those are small acts of kindness, yet you felt great about it, didn’t you?

That’s how you will never let anyone tell you that you are not beautiful. If you can feel great about yourself for such a small act, that means that you have so much beauty within you to share with the world. If you stop talking down, even about those who talk down on you, you will find a source of energy and love that will empower you to levels you never dared to dream of. Let your inner sun, shine today. Hold kindness and compassion in your heart and let no one tell you that you aren’t beautiful. Because you are alive, that is the most beautiful thing there is. Be kind. So you can say at the end of your day, Today I Lived! I made the most of it.

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