Not knowing is knowing


Not knowing is knowing exactly what to do. It is the not knowing that we live for. It is just like making a puzzle. You don't know where to start but you keep on going. So what is it in the unknowing that we can use to find out the solution to it all?

I don’t know what to do. A common thing to say. Absolutely human. Not knowing what to do is frustrating. Yet it is this not knowing that we live for. Not knowing what to do or where to go is a problem we wish to solve. Once solved the thrill we get from it is incredible. Ever finished a puzzle? I don’t care which kind, every puzzle is the same. You start out with not knowing something and you work towards finishing it. Then you feel great, you put it away and start a new puzzle. This is the cycle we go through. Not only with puzzles but in all other aspects of life. Still, we like doing a puzzle, yet do not like the unknowing outside of that. Why is this?

We want to know everything

We want to know everything. We want to find out a meaning or reason for everything. Not only that but we want to find a solution to every problem. If we are in the pursuit of finishing a puzzle it is all we focus on. If we are in the pursuit of finding the solution to a problem outside in the ‘real’ world we are scared we won’t find it. See the difference? One is just focused on the experience of puzzling, whilst the other is focused on finding the solution and therefore gets scared.

Making a puzzle

So not knowing is actually knowing. Why? Because not knowing what to do whilst working on a puzzle is knowing exactly what to do. That is to keep going with the puzzle. To not focus on the end result all the time. Just look around in the puzzle pieces you still have to lay down. Look at the end result on the box and try to fit it in. At times you will find a big piece that will end up somewhere in the middle. Other times you find one of the corner pieces. In the end when you keep going the puzzle pieces that are not placed in their spot get smaller and smaller. This is exactly the same case when it comes to figuring out what to do next. Or what to do for a living. Or what your purpose is. Or what food you are gonna eat tonight. So many things we don’t know. Yet do we quit every puzzle just because we don’t know how to finish it? No, we don’t. We keep puzzling until we finish it. It is the experience of a puzzle that we love so much. Not the end result.


In concrete words this means that if you are trying to figure out what to do you are exactly doing what you should do. Trying. That is just it. The experience of trying. Trying different options. Googling for answers or shortcuts. Asking others. Listening to your heart. All puzzle pieces that will lead you to the end result of having a beautifully finished puzzle. But you know what? If you finished it, you will start a new one. So get comfortable with not knowing. Figure things out. Place a puzzle piece where you think it should go. If it doesn’t fit thereafter all remove it again. Why be so hard on yourself and stick with something you one day chose but that doesn’t work anymore?

Where to start?

Start with the edges of your puzzle. Try to find the guidelines to work by. This could mean something like figuring out the rough area of work you like. For example in the music industry. That’s a big square box. Now try to find out a bit more about the puzzle. Lay down pieces. Figure it out just a little bit more. Like knowing that you want to be a singer. Now what? Well, figure out how to make money. Now what? Figure out what it is you want to create. Now what? Figure it out for yourself! That is the fun in all of this. The experience of puzzling. Figuring out what goes where and which works best. This is what we live for. Wandering into the unknown. Experience the unknown. Experience the puzzle that life is. Experience the beauty of living!

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