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Count your blessings

“I will never forget, love.” She said. Her voice was barely audible. Soft. Weak. Raspy and crackly. And they all stayed silent for a moment. Her grandma closed her eyes. Her hand got colder and colder. She was still breathing softly…

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The power of getting into a flow-state

His tire cuts through the soft sand. The brakes squeak as his back tire slips away. His left foot is already off the pedal, trying to correct his movement. His eyes are fixed on the ground underneath him. Then quickly scan what is ahead…

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Is your work doing this to your life?

The plans for the new building seem to be great. All the electricity, plumbing, roofing, insulation, and everything else is just right. He closes the document, moves his move over to the email icon, and clicks it. A shiver of doubt and stress go over his skin…

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