Sometimes All We Need is a Small Reminder


How Small Reminders Set us Up For Greatness

It might just be that we are overlooking the simple guidance we receive each day. The small reminders hidden within everyday life. It’s not always an obvious reminder. The reminders of our growth are often really subtle. We seek reminders all the time, reminders that we are loved, that we are beautiful, that we are enough, that our dreams will come true. Only we seek to find the reminders in the words of others, or the words, we read on the internet. But most of the time the reminders we want to hear don’t utter out of the mouths of the people we love. They are often hidden within the cracks and forgotten parts of life. The simple moments we overlook are full of reminders. Full of the exact reminders we need. They are hidden by everyday objects, moments, or situations. These reminders might not be as obvious as the words you hear from someone you love. But they are as strong as those words.

We All Seek Reminders

It might not look like it, but we are all looking for reminders. Little hints, about our self-worth. We wanted to be reminded that we are doing great, or we want to be reminded that we are on the right path. In love, we want to be reminded that we are loved by our partner as often as possible, and in a parental relationship we as kids want to be reminded that our parents are proud of us. We crave these reminders because they remind us of what we desire deepest. That is recognition of our beauties and strengths.

We don’t want to be reminded of our flaws. Being reminded of them pushes us down, and makes us feel worse about ourselves. Yet being reminded of our beauties, and strengths takes us by the hand. It’s a comfortable feeling to be reminded of the beauty we carry. Reminders push us forward, they are the little sparks that rekindle the fire within. If someone tells us we are beautiful we straighten our backs and smile. We actually feel more beautiful if we are reminded of this.

Reminders push us forward, they are the little sparks that rekindle the fire within.

It’s not necessarily that we are constantly looking for these reminders, but we are unconsciously craving the validation that these reminders give us. It’s the feeling of greatness, acceptance, and love that reminders give us. Those are the things we are often looking for in our lives. That’s why it’s so beautiful to remind someone else how great they are. You freely give them the feeling of love and greatness. The extraordinary thing is, those reminders don’t just come from others, these reminders are placed everywhere around you and within you. You just need to know how to look for them.

Reminders Are All Around Us

expecting that we will always get reminded and validated by others is like giving someone the key to your home, expecting them to be there for you every time you want to enter.

The reminders you want to hear, often don’t come from people. People are genuinely busy with their own lives, and so are you. So expecting that we will always get reminded and validated by them is like giving someone the key to your home, expecting them to be there for you every time you want to enter. It won’t work that way, you will be locked out of your beautiful home most of the time. So we need to start giving keys out to more than just some people close to us. We need to give keys to enter our beautiful home to ourselves, to nature, to everyday things. So that we can enter our home every moment of the day.

The home in this example is your true power. It’s the feeling of comfort, peace, joy, and strength. That home is you, it’s where we feel most alive. Home is being you, and that involves being often reminded how beautiful you are. To enter that beautiful home let’s start giving out more keys. The time is over to just give out keys sparingly to some people close to us. We cannot demand them to always remind us of our beauty. That’s an impossible job because there are many moments in our day that we need to be reminded to be calm, to be kind, to be loving, to be alive.

There are so many reminders around us that are just waiting for us to recognize them. Things like nature, our bodies, feelings, thoughts, and unexpected moments. They are all reminders. Everything can serve as a reminder for us. If we want to cross the street but are caught in our thoughts, then barely get missed by a passing car as we wanted to cross, we can either take that as a moment to get angry or take it as a reminder to stay present. To be alive again. This is just one example of the many reminders life constantly throws at us. Often the trees, birds, grass, animals, or clouds give us reminders we so desperately needed. Only we value them less because they aren’t coming from the mouths of people we love.

Let’s stop giving other people a monopoly on this incredible strength of reminders. Let’s give the strength of reminders to ourselves, to nature, to the world around us. I guarantee you that you will find so many beautiful reminders that will keep you feeling alive, and that will guide you on your path. Since I started writing every day again, I started to embrace all these little reminders again. They often serve as life lessons for me. A walk through the forest can trigger inspiration for a story, which is often based on a life lesson. Or meditating and suddenly being confronted with a thought can remind me of how beautiful I am, or life is.

A reminder is a lesson that we need to learn.

Right now my body is reminding me to take it slow. That worrying, and thinking about everything I have to get done is in my way of actually enjoying the writing process. It’s these reminders that we should open ourselves up to. They are small, hidden within everything we do throughout our day. The only way to see them is to start seeing the lessons everything holds. Because that’s all a reminder is. A reminder is a lesson that we need to learn. When we heard our parents say that they were proud of us, we felt love, and that was the lesson we needed to learn. That we can be proud of ourselves and feel love. Only we started to associate being proud and being loved with our parents and when they stopped telling us they were proud that feeling disappeared. Yet the reminders didn’t stop. We are still reminded daily to be proud of ourselves. When we finish a task we can be proud of ourselves. When we feel or are aware of something within our bodies we can be proud of ourselves. All these small things are reminders, and you know what they remind you of.

The reminders we need to hear are personal, and I can not give you a universal sheet of all the things that the world is reminding you of. You know exactly what something is reminding you of. Trust yourself for that.

Reminders Lead to Greatness

Reminders aren’t just there to make us feel good. Reminders are the guides on our road to inner salvation. Reminders lead us on the roads of self-acceptance, self-love, personal mastery, inner power, love, kindness, peace, abundance, and so much more. Reminders aren’t just a few simple words written in a social media post. Reminders spark a feeling within you, and that feeling will start to grow the more you hear it. The more you are reminded that you are doing great, the bigger this feeling becomes, the more you start to believe it. It’s therefore that a reminder will lead us to greatness.

A reminder is a small step, but many of these small steps together form a long staircase up to your greatness. They might be small, they might seem insignificant, but these small reminders lead to much greater things. That is the feeling of being alive. They lead you to universal love, and inner peace. They lead to self-acceptance. The more you start to be reminded by nature, by yourself, by the things happening in your life, the more you start to believe that you are beautiful.

So start listening to all of life for the reminders it wants to give you. Hear what nature wants to remind you of. Maybe it wants to remind you to trust the process of shedding and blooming, or maybe it wants to remind you we are all connected. Listen quietly and the reminders of everyday life will show to you. They will lead you because they come from deep inside you. Follow the reminders you hear and they will lead you on the path of a beautiful life. Of a life lived fully alive. A life in which you end your day and say, Today I Lived. I made the most of it.

Thank you for reading I hope this served as a reminder for you as well. A reminder to see the reminders in everyday life, how amazing is that! 😉 If you love this content be sure to check me out on Instagram @today.i.lived where we celebrate the beauty of living. Or subscribe to Rise With The Sun Newsletter, where each Sunday I share three beautiful things about life, to remind you that you are alive. So that you can start your week feeling grateful, joyous, and energized. Hope to see you there. For now, remember, Today You Live! Make the most of it.

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