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Count your blessings

“I will never forget, love.” She said. Her voice was barely audible. Soft. Weak. Raspy and crackly. And they all stayed silent for a moment. Her grandma closed her eyes. Her hand got colder and colder. She was still breathing softly…

The power of getting into a flow-state

His tire cuts through the soft sand. The brakes squeak as his back tire slips away. His left foot is already off the pedal, trying to correct his movement. His eyes are fixed on the ground underneath him. Then quickly scan what is ahead…

Is your work doing this to your life?

The plans for the new building seem to be great. All the electricity, plumbing, roofing, insulation, and everything else is just right. He closes the document, moves his move over to the email icon, and clicks it. A shiver of doubt and stress go over his skin…

You have two ways to view the world, you choose which one

I open the front door. And follow my dog outside. The leash is already tight and Bob is pulling me along. The soil of the front garden is covered in brown, yellow, and orange leaves that have fallen from the large tree on the side of the road…

Being proud of yourself even if you don’t get to the result you want (part 2)

The knight continued on the sandy road. Leaving the village behind him. The smoke in between the mountains wasn’t there anymore. He wondered if… “No that can’t be.” He shook the thought of his mind and galloped east.

Being proud of yourself even if you don’t get to the result you want (part 1)

The feet of his horse click on the stone roads leading out of the city. The little pebbles keep the road from going muddy and getting dirt all over the king’s clothes. His sword glimmered in the light reflecting from a window on the side of the road. His metal gloves clang as he moved slightly up and down following his horse’s rhythm.

A simple trick to find your purpose in life

“I don’t know,” she says to her teacher. “Okay, Melina what do you want to do after high school?” The teacher asks another kid. “I think I want to become a lawyer!” The girl replies excitedly. “Oh, that’s a great one, Melina. Anyone else wanting to become a lawyer?”

This lies at the core of your joy and happiness

YOU CAN HAVE THIS TOO!” A voice shouts from the screen, flashing 6 digit numbers on the screen. “You can have financial freedom and buy everything you want!

Don’t like meditating? This might be a method for you!

A car drove by whilst honking all the way. It seemed as if the drivers of this city knew best how to use their horns. The taxi drivers loved using their horns for every occasion even if it were just a few seconds after the traffic light had turned green they would blow their horns…

Nature already figured out the meaning of life

The stage was empty. There was a small desk at which the elder man could stand and speak. An adjustable microphone that he could speak in, a clicker to go to the next slide. Before the talk, he was explained that a slide is like a paper but then on a large screen, and with every click, the paper would be wiped away and a new would appear. So the clicker was to show new information on the screen. The elder man knew…


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