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Not knowing is knowing

Not knowing is knowing exactly what to do. It is the not knowing that we live for. It is just like making a puzzle. You don’t know where to start but you keep on going. So what is it in the unknowing that we can use to find out the solution to it all?

A walk in the park

The other day I went for a walk with my dog. I was kinda rushed, so my dog started to run around. Then I changed something and he started to slow down. What changed I wondered? What could it be that he felt that made him this way? What can we learn from the relationship with our dogs that can change how we view our emotions?

Minimalism for the mind

Taking the mind into a new realm. Where the thoughts are minimal. Where we follow our own advice.

The monster in the cupboard

A short story breaking down what we can learn from the movie Monster Inc. About how we can love our demons.

Grab a chair and sit

How to control your emotions with one simple step. The chair method will give you a new perspective on how to control your emotions.

Getting everything you desire

There is a way that you can be both grateful for what you have and still get all you want. In this article I share a stories from my life and how gratitude changed it.

How to get out of a creative block

As a creator you will face creative blocks. It’s completely normal, but how can you get out of it? Well there is just one simple solution. Read it in this story.

Why you are not feeling happy or fulfilled

How to be happy and fulfilled? This episode is about the myths around being happy and some advice on how to get there yourself. In a simple way without any steps or tricks.

7 Tips to improve your focus at home

Now we are all at home it could be hard to focus on work, school, health or any other aspect of life. These are 7 tips you can use to kick some ass and focus.

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Why you can be a materialist and a minimalist at the same time