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How life goes on

How life goes on. Even though everything slows down, life doesn’t stop. It keeps going round. How can you deal with the current situation?

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Floating book

The next page

The page ahead screamed louder than the page in front of me. It didn’t matter how hard the letters tried to shape and form this illusional world, I was drawn to the vague shapes.

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Just living

When you look in the mirror, do you see yourself? Do you see your true self? The real you, the one following the rhythm of your heart.

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Today I Lived

Why is Today I Lived so special? Well, because of absolutely nothing. That’s exactly what makes it special. Want to know how Today I Lived started? Read this blog post!

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A photo is more than just light hitting a sensor. I think we use photography the wrong way nowadays with all social media platforms. Why? Well that’s the whole point of this story, go read it already.

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