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Who am I?

Who am I? It’s an ordinary way of looking at yourself. It is becoming the truth for me. Wanna know who I truly think I am? It’s in this story.

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A man powerfully punching the ground

The power in yourself that’s always there

There is something in your life which you always have control over. What is it? By that I really mean always. Whether you are in bed, sick, working out, working, kissing, singing etc. What do you have control over? I know the answer and it can help you improve your life!

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The war against art

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The windy road

Anger and aggression ain’t the solution to your problems. They will only create more problems for you and not only you but also your children. Want to know why? Well let Ben explain this to you through this story.

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Comfortable dog

Are you at home?

Do you feel at home? There is a lot of people that don’t, in this story I can tell you why you don’t feel at home and how you can feel at home.

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