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The monster in the cupboard

Jawning Pandabear
19:00 | July 5, 2020

The demon in your cupboard

What we can learn from Monster Inc.

Hi beautiful soul, I got a beautiful new inspiration today. Hope you enjoy it!

Movies are packed with lessons for us to take from them. So I wanted to make this simpler for you. In this weeks story I am gonna break down what we can learn from the Disney movie Monster Inc. 

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There is a lot we can learn from art. Especially movies. It would be a waste if we wouldn’t use the knowledge that is hidden in movies. Especially Disney movies. Come on who doesn’t like Disney movies? As a kid you love them! I did at least. I almost watched a Disney movie every week. Especially the movie Ratatouille was one of my all-time favorites. As well as Robin Hood. Man, I have seen those movies about twenty times. That does say a lot because nowadays I only watch a movie once. Only if it is an extraordinary movie do I consider watching it twice. For your info that only happened on Robin William movies and Will Smith movies. The only movies I have seen multiple times throughout my life are Disney movies. I’ve started watching Disney movies again now I am older. The pacing might be a little slow and the jokes are cheesy but still, you go back to that nostalgia. Not only that but you start to see the deeper meaning behind those movies. 

It is incredible how makers and writers have woven in these deep meanings without the movie getting too serious. For kids, these movies are pure fun and for us, they can still be a lot of fun. More than fun, we can learn from them. With this series or topic, I want to dive deeper into books, because that is obvious. A large portion of the books is meant for knowledge and wisdom. Now movies and other forms of art on the other hand are mostly used for entertainment reasons. I just couldn’t help but wonder why we can’t learn from these too. So I want to start this new topic on what we can learn from art. Starting with this amazing movie, you have probably all seen as a kid.

Photo by Daan Uijterwaal

The Plot

Monster Inc. The movie. I do not want to go into depth on the storyline of the movie. That’s is the fun of watching it after all. So here is a short recap. Monster Inc. Is a company that fetches energy for the monster world through scaring kids and capturing their screams. The monsters in this factory are called ‘scarers’ and they are the base of this foundation without them the world would not have power. Now Mike and Sulley are the two hero’s we follow in this movie. Of course, a movie can’t be a movie without a problem. Now the problem is a kid that just isn’t scared. She loves hugging Sulley and thinks of him as a big fluffy blue-haired cat. Yup, she thinks that. She is a kid so forgive her. Sulley can not seem to make her scared. She grabs onto him and ends up in the monster world. They end up becoming friends after a lot of chaotic scenes that, as a kid, were quite stressful. As an adult, they aren’t. Or are they? Okay, I will not hide it, I felt a little tense when going through all these chaotic scenes. Maybe that is because I hate chaos. But anyways the kid ends up becoming friends with Mik and Sulley and shows them that making kids laugh produces way more energy than making them scream. Hmm okay, now I kinda told the complete plot so sorry for the spoilers. I still recommend you watch the movie. It’s just way to much fun to rewatch old movies and look at them from a different perspective. 

_DSC0083 2
Photo by Daan Uijterwaal

Hug your monsters

Disney movies are always packed with deeper, hidden meanings. They are jam-packed with jokes and great storylines as well as a lot of chaos. As a kid, this is too much to take in so you filter out the deeper meaning after all you are a kid that only cares about moving objects on a screen that looks fluffy yet scary. As an adult, you can look at these movies and see a completely different dimension. The kid freaking hugs her monster!! Wait for what? I would never have hugged the monster underneath my bed or that was hidden within my closet? Would you? Now, this little girl in the movie is just straight up fearless and she goes straight to Sulley. Holding on to him and hugging him. She calls him a big furry cat. Now that is what I call some amazing mindset. Why?

Well, fear is a reoccurring thing throughout our lives. As really small kids we already experience fear. In our nightmares or the useful fear like not jumping out of a tree. This fear is completely useful because you don’t want to break your damn ankles. As we get older we are kinda told to fear more. Our moms and dads care so much for us that they want to protect us no matter what. That means they try to protect you from harm that has been done to them. So if you are failing in school they push you to go harder because they have heard or experienced what will happen if you don’t have a degree and end up in the gutter. Now that fear of not making enough to pay your clothes, food, and the house comes from their love for you. They simply want to protect you from harm. But as a small kid, you don’t have this fear. You don’t even understand what money means in this world. Let alone what a diploma is. That comes with the years. As you grow older your parents want to keep protecting you from potential harms. So you start to develop more fears. Fears of not monsters underneath your bed so to say. There are many examples of this. You probably thought of one already. For me, this is the fear of not succeeding with this brand. This isn’t born within my heart. No this is born from the world around me telling me to just pursue a nine to five job. There is nothing wrong with that. I am not here to tell you what right and what’s wrong. Just think of that fear.

That fear is represented by Sulley in the movie. It is the monster that hides within your wardrobe. He comes out once in a while to scare you. The kid on the other hand could be you. Now it could be you. It probably isn’t right now. If that is the kid stop reading you already made it and all I am gonna say next is a waste of time for you. Now that kid could be you. Fearless. Fearless of the monster Sulley is. She thinks he is cute. What better metaphor for loving your demons do you want to have. Okay so in grown-up language what does it mean. Sulley is your fear, and the kid is yours. Fearlessness. Sulley has grown larger and larger over the years because of many reasons. Parenting, the new, society in general, the school system, etc. All of these enlarge your fear of the world that is coming. Now the kid is your heart. The fearless heart. That doesn’t fear anything but rather always loves it. Your heart wants to run up to fear and hug it. Play hide and seek with it. But most of all want to become friends with it so they can come to a better solution. 

You see Sulley in the movie is at first a monster. The kid is fearless so she goes and hugs him. They end up chasing one another and after a lot of breakdowns and stress they end up discovering a solution to their problem. The world requires a lot of power and the power company is struggling to keep up with that demand. Now the kid and Sulley together discover that when Sulley, instead of making the kid scared, makes her laugh, the energy levels are way higher. This means that both the monsters and the kids are happy. That is what I call a great happily ever after. 

Your, happy ever after

You probably think, well this is a Disney movie, everything is possible within that. Yes to a certain degree. Of course, we can’t hug our demons and monsters. We can’t get the energy of scream. At least I hope not because that would be awful. Yet we can learn that loving your monsters just like that little girl in the movies helps us get to a solution. Leading us to a better life. Now think about that. Think about how you can make friends and love your fear. Wouldn’t that be a great life? Wouldn’t you live happily ever after just like in all those Disney movies?

I hope you liked this and learned a new perspective on the world. I would love to help more people by improving themselves and providing them with new perspectives. Now you can help me with that. If you like this and want to share it for me that would mean a lot to me. As well as subscribe to the email list or follow me on Instagram. For now thanks so much for reading or listening. Hope you like it. Don’t forget to grow and experience more of life. Remember that Today You Live!

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