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Getting everything you desire

19:00 | June 21, 2020

Getting everything you desire

How gratitude can change your life

Hi beautiful soul, I got a beautiful new inspiration today. Hope you enjoy it!

Welcome to this weeks article. It is all about how you can have everything. About being grateful for what you have and it is about Mario Kart. Who doesn’t like Mario Kart anyways. If you are just interested in the tips, skip to the end. If you are interested in a great story then listen on. I would really appreciate if you’d follow or subscribe to this podcast or my news letter so you can be part of this community. Thank you so much for reading, now let’s begin with the story. Enjoy! 

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I was a little kid. About 8 years old. Going to school, learning, and waiting for the lunch break. Then rushing home eating my lunch and hopefully play a game of Mario Kart on the Wii. That was the good stuff. That white shiny box with the blue light just next to the disc slot. Man, that is the wet dream of every little kid. I still remember when I got it. Not the Wii but Mario Kart. It was the best day of the year. Well, at least I remember it that way. I had been waiting for it, for weeks. Visualizing having it and winning race after race. Spending the fifteen to thirty minutes I had to wait for my dad in the electronic store playing it in the game section. Racing other kids, and winning all of it. Not all the time of course because some kids were showing off and beating me. That game had been on my mind for a long time and my parents promised me I’ll get it if I got my swimming certificate. So I did. I worked for it. I was scared to go underwater and didn’t like swimming at about 6 meters to go through a big plastic hole in the water. Anyways I did it for Mario Kart. I needed to have that game so badly. As I swam through the chlorine-filled water making my eyes tear up I could see the white cover with Mario in his tomato red cart on the front. Wow, it’s been years and I can still see that cover if I close my eyes. That’s how much I looked at it. Spending hours on end watching videos of others playing it. I knew all the short cuts before even owning the game. I knew which character was the best and how to get it. So after a few weeks of wishing, waiting and training I swam through that loop. Finishing my swimming exams and getting out of the water waiting to receive my gift. Of course, I couldn’t get it right away because I was soaked. If I got it right then I would certainly drop it and soak it in water. Not that good of an idea. So I was kinda mad, but luckily my parents were smarter than I was. 

Once I got home I had to sit down on the couch and… There it was. A small rectangular box in colorful wrapping. The wrapping didn’t matter. I tore it off and as if a blazing white light had just hit my face I blinked and opened my mouth. YESSS I screamed. I finally have it. At that time the Wii was still in the living room so I tore off the plastic wrap, pushed the white plastic thingy in the middle that held the disc, and popped it out. I ran to the Wii and placed the disc in the slot. The blue light started fading in and out signaling that the game was loading. My mom turned the tv on and grabbed a large chair for me. I sat in the middle of the room for the entire afternoon playing until we had diner together. I don’t know how many hours it was. It could have only been half an hour but it felt like at least five times as much. I was so happy getting that single game and felt grateful for it for a long time. I still remember that with the game came an amazing steering wheel in which you could place the controller. I felt like a real racer at that moment. I played it for a long time, maybe a bit too long. The enjoyment of playing Mario Kart just never faded away. As I grew older I stopped liking playing these kinds of games. I moved on to war and tactical games. With that came buying new copies each time. So I bought a lot of different games. I stopped visualizing what I wanted. By then I earned enough money to get what I wanted. So I bought it. I didn’t have to wait for anything. This took away part of the fun. I didn’t feel as grateful anymore. It just started feeling normal. I was happy about buying something new. It just never got me back to that state of bliss I was in as a kid. Something was missing. So I wanted to buy one after the other more expensive present for myself. In no shape or form would I be able to get it. These things got more and more expensive. Ranging from 500 to 1000 euros. Well, that’s a bummer. I wanted to get the new Playstation at that time. The Wii had turned old and not many cool games to play on it. So I worked more at jobs I didn’t really like just to get the new Playstation. Now things got a lot different then. I started to get spoiled. Asking my mom and dad to give me money to buy it. They wouldn’t at first of course. I already had a gaming console so why buy another one. It was way too expensive, besides exams were coming up and I had to focus. So I wasn’t allowed to buy it. Still, I persisted, watching videos, and trying to convince my dad to help me buy it. Then a deal for the holiday season came up. It was right on the front of the leaflets, luring me in. I grabbed the leaflet and ran to my dad to show it to him. I knew I didn’t have enough money but maybe he could help me out. It was not because I asked it so politely, but because I had been asking for it for weeks that he finally gave in. On one condition, that I had to pass the exams first before opening it. So then the terror began. We bought the Playstation and my dad took it upstairs so I couldn’t play with it until my exams were finished. It was horrible knowing something you craved so badly was upstairs just waiting for you. Until I passed my exams and I finally got the Playstation. My happiness skyrocketed. I played all summer long and have been using it for all the years from that day. 

Photo by Daan Uijterwaal

The adult world

Now I am older my parents have little authority over how I spend my money. After all, I am 21 years old, old enough to make these decisions myself. So I started buying more. Always craving the newest game, phone, or tech. Never infesting money into myself, but always into things. I never understood what the meaning of waiting was. In both examples I just shared with you, I was out of the roof happy. The kind of happy where you see a kid bouncing up and down like a dog not being able to control its happiness. That is the power of waiting. It builds up your happiness and gratitude for that thing you desire so desperately. I’ve entered the adult world with a mindset that just buying something would bring me joy. Now, this is a mindset that is regularly advertised for. You see it all over your social media feeds. There are advertisements on almost everything you could imagine. If you google about the newest MacBook you are most likely to get an add in the next couple of hours. The specific targeting is kinda creepy, but such a great tool to reach the right individuals. I’ve heard a lot of people hating on this. Saying that advertisement is overdone, that it is creepy and should be banned. Now about a year back, I would agree with those of you who think that way. Yet I no longer do. There is a shift that happened within me. Seeing that advertisement is a perfect way to get your product out to the people that want to buy it. The problem here is not with the ads but with ourselves. 

Over the past couple of months, I’ve stopped looking at products that much. I occasionally buy something new but only after deliberately looking for the right thing to buy. This means not buying something cheap but going back to that little kid that was patiently waiting and working towards getting what he wanted. Researching what I want to get. Comparing different items and then choosing the right one. Even though it costs 10 times as much as before. Because I reduced my time looking at products and started to focus more on improving myself, the ads started to change as well. All I see now is ads on how to get rich quickly, which of course isn’t what I want. Quick has become a highly used word in an ad. We want to get rich, successful, and finish school quickly. Everything we want is quick. Now at times, there is nothing wrong with this, because we have limited time on this earth. So a small feeling of urgency is needed to keep pushing yourself a little further. But because we want to do it quickly we forget one essential choice. 

Photo by Daan Uijterwaal

Do you want this?

So advertisement is trying to manipulate you into buying stuff. The easiest way to do this is to make you buy their product quickly. Why? Because you don’t think about it. If you think about it you are most likely to not buy it or buy it at a later point. This is not what they want. These companies want you to buy their service or product now. So quick means no thinking and that results in easy money for them. With this quick advertising, we forget to ask ourselves: Do you want that? Is this service or product really what you want? Is it gonna bring you existential happiness or growth? If you don’t think about what you are buying into, you will most likely not be happy as a dog when you get it. You will love it at first but after a week or so you’ll forget about it. It will fall into normality. That is the trap ads want you to fall in. Thinking that happiness comes from buying more. Surprise it will not. It will only make you ungrateful. Which brings more harm to it. It can decrease your mental health significantly, it can lead to debts because you want to buy more without having the money, it can lead to anxiety and persisting trauma’s from the past. These aren’t your fluffy problems. These are real-life problems leading you into a darker mental space. That is a place I do not wish you to go to. So stay away from it. Don’t hate the advertisements they only do their job. You see the only cure to this is gratitude.

Gratitude is a really strong practice. It will get you into a state of mind where you do not need things instantly. It doesn’t mean you can not get anything new. Not at all. It opens you up to get more than you first thought you could get. This post isn’t named: “How you can have everything” for no reason. I hate click bate so I do not want to lure you in. Nothing is worse than spending at least ten minutes of your precious time to read through all of this article to find yourself with nothing of help. Now it might be a bit far fetch to say this, but I think gratitude is the bedrock from which we can build a new and better world. A mindset of hate is not gonna help us anymore. So hating the advertisers won’t help you. They might stop but in the end, only new advertisements will pop up on your feed. The only way out of this is being thankful for all you have when you see an ad. If you open Instagram and click through the stories every other story will be followed up by an ad. If that ad is about a new bracelet you can buy for just 39,99, don’t buy it, be thankful for the bracelets you already have. Or for not owning one at all, but being thankful for even having a wrist that you could potentially wear it around. I can not stretch it enough how important this is. If you in the first place are thankful for what you have you are most likely to not buy into these ads. You think first and then decide if you want to buy into it. Patience is key here. I am thankful for my parents, for making me work for things I wanted. You see they gave me a lot of things that I wanted. This wasn’t to spoil me, but because we had the wealth to do so. I am incredibly grateful for that. Might they have given me what I wanted, when I wanted it, this story could have turned out completely different. That way I would have been spoiled. Right now I see the value of working for something before getting it. Deserving something is way more fulfilling than just getting it for no reason. I swam my ass off in that water and enjoyed it way more because I knew the reward I was gonna get for it. Same goes for the exams, I worked way harder and passed all of those exams. That patience and work made me way more grateful for receiving these gifts. Not only that, but it also made me more grateful for buying things myself. Saving up for something to buy it after a few months is way more satisfying than spending all your hard-earned money in one month just to get it now. 

So ask yourself do you want it? If the answer is yes, then work for it. Make it happen, but allow some time to pass. Don’t buy things out of a rush, it is way more fulfilling to wait. 

Photo by yns plt on Unsplash

How to get everything you want:

1. Decide what you want

This is obvious if you don’t know what you want. How are you going to get it? This is like running a race without knowing how far it is. You might be running a sprint or a marathon so if you burn all your energy in the first 100 meters and you end up running a marathon, you are fucked. You will not get to your destination. 

2. Feel the energy of your desire

Feel your deep desire, the longing within you to get something, or reach a goal of yours. After all wanting something comes from a sensation within our body. Most of the time located in your chest, a kind of warm feeling that makes you feel pumped and excited. Feel that, because it is such a beautiful feeling. 

3. Visualize your goal

Whether you want a new game or want to achieve big success, visualize what that looks like for you. See the cover of the game, see the gameplay, see the amount of money you will make, or the car you’ll own. Most importantly visualize when you’ll have it. Make that realistic for yourself. At all times you should believe that you can get it. So if you want a million dollars by tomorrow you are most likely not gonna get it. Now if you want a million dollars by the end of the year that could be a bit more realistic. Just think of what you want and when you want it, and make it believable to yourself. 

4. You will not get there

No just kidding. These thoughts will pop up in your head. Making you believe that you are not going to get it. Release those thoughts and replace them with the belief that you can achieve it. 

5. Believe in your power

Believe in your power to get it. This means being grateful for yourself and trusting yourself. Simple as that. 

6. Get off your ass

Million-dollar business, aren’t build from watching Netflix. It involves work. I didn’t get Mario Kart because of sitting on my lazy ass doing nothing. No, I trained myself to earn that swimming certificate. This is the step that separates the ‘doers’ from the ‘wanters’. Maybe a few have listened or read al the way to this point. But this is the big exit point. There are only a few that are ready to take action on their goals. That’s completely okay, everyone has their path through life. Trust the process, remember, patience my friend.  

7. The final step

Trust and patience. If you have set your goal, know when you’ll achieve it, and then take action to get there, you’ll have it. Trust it to happen. Trust blindly like a kid. I trusted that I would get my Playstation, and then worked for it and patiently wait. At times that patience is really hard and you want to tare the box open so desperate and just set it up. Instead of doing that, I went upstairs and looked at it. Just sit there and look at it, knowing that one day it will be mine. Do the same for your goal. Look at it and know that it will be yours one day.

These are seven steps you can do right now. They won’t take long. Just a few seconds. Remember that with every step there is something to be grateful for. If you ain’t grateful for what you’ll have, you won’t receive what you want. You will just not appreciate it if you get it anyways. So remember to always be grateful, then you’ll have everything you ever want. 

If it is hard to keep track of that gratitude, I have a simple solution for you. I created a monthly gratitude calendar you can simply download by subscribing to the email list. I will not only share the calendar with you but also a few more steps on how to make it work. As well as weekly stories that help you grow even more!

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