The feeling of vacation when homebound


How we can feel like it’s vacation at any moment

We all long for that sun on our faces again. Laying on sunbeds, relaxing, doing nothing. A cocktail at our hands, or a refreshing glass of water with the ice cubes crackling and sizzling with the hot sun slowly burning them away. Or we long for the feeling of adventure. Get out. Explore a new city. Talk to strangers, and find unique coffee spots, that only locals know. Or we want to slow down in nature. A wooden cabin, or a meditation retreat. We slow down, explore our inner or outer world.

To be honest I long for that feeling at times. To be relaxed. To let go of the continuation of the always ongoing world. A vacation is more than just a moment away from work, school, or obligations. It’s a moment for our bodies to restore. It’s healing. It’s both running away from the hectics of our lives and the pain this causes. Yet that feeling, that’s all we are after.

That’s feeling alive. Like a holiday. You feel light. Relaxed. You don’t need to move your ass from the sunbed or have to go out. You can simply be. Do nothing. Find inner peace and in some way heal yourself after the weeks of relentless struggle. In some ways, we escape, but in some ways, we restore just to go back and keep going. In some ways, it’s a strength to do this. Knowing that you have to go back to reality.

But does it have to be this way? Is it just me or do I feel like it would be a waste of our lives if we only feel this way on a holiday? I feel like my longing for a vacation is an indication that what I am doing right now causes me to not feel alive. Thus there is healing needed. Right now. Not just on a vacation.


This morning I sat in my car and for some magical reason, I felt the sun on my skin and took a deep breath. And this sounds cliche but for a small moment. Just minutes I felt as if I was walking down a windy mountain road. At peace. No rush. No haste. I was at a place that I only know like the feeling I experience on a vacation.

I knew then that what I wondered about. If we could feel this way all the time, wasn’t some dissolution. It could be reality. We can feel like we are on a vacation all the time. Even when homebound. A vacation, I realized, is only the outside trigger that causes our internal world to shift. This is all I am ever after, and probably you are too.

A vacation, I realized, is only the outside trigger that causes our internal world to shift.

But what was different then? How did I do it? How did I just then transform my experience of life? The answer is simple. I felt. I could say to you that you should be more present, or should not worry about the future. I could tell you that you should do this or that to feel this. I could advise on crafting a surrounding that enhances this feeling of being on a vacation, but all of it would be a lie.

All I discovered was that the feeling of vacation can be experienced when homebound. At any moment in our lives. All I did was took a deep breath, and felt no need to be anywhere else. I held this thought in mind for a moment and the next minutes fell in line with it. I did not need to be alive or to do anything else. Just like the experience of being on a holiday.

Travel any time

Instead of laying on a sunbed not feeling the need to get up, I now felt no need to do anything else than work. I felt the blessing of working. Thus the feeling of a holiday arose within me. Thus I traveled to a country named ‘nowhere else’. I had to be nowhere else. And so can you.

The only difference between our day-to-day lives and that of a day on a holiday is our feeling of discomfort. On a holiday we don’t need to be anywhere else. In our day-to-day life, we constantly feel like we have to attend to something else. So I say to you. Remember that you are alive right now. Take a deep breath and hold this thought in mind:

I have no need, no rush, no haste to be anywhere else than here

Feel it sink into your body, and thus you will feel alive. As a reminder, as an opening to the life, you are living. For you and me to say Today I Lived. Talk to you tomorrow.

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