The incredible power of creative manifestation


The tree trunk was perfectly shaped so his spine was straight. He sat cross-legged. His chest pumped up getting every last bit of oxygen into his longes. He had just finished college and had big dreams in his life. Turning 21 had made him realize that he had one chance at this, so he better make the most of it. Now it was time for him to focus on his dream, no college who was constantly taking his precious time and attention...

A simple approach to manifesting

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The tree trunk was perfectly shaped so his spine was straight. He sat cross-legged. His chest pumped up getting every last bit of oxygen into his longes. He had just finished college and had big dreams in his life. Turning 21 had made him realize that he had one chance at this, so he better make the most of it. Now it was time for him to focus on his dream, no college who was constantly taking his precious time and attention. The young man was scared of everything that was about to come, it was the reason why he came to this forest at the edge of town. It was a place for him to relax and dream. He sat at the edge of the forest looking out over a small creek and a wide grassland. Cows were grazing peacefully and the sun was reflecting in thousands of little dew drops. Here and then a raven or sparrow would land on the grass and pick at the ground, in hope of finding worms for his chicks. It was that time of the year again. Lovely spring was all the babies were born again as if all of the creatures were on the same frequency. They knew exactly when it was time to create a new life. The young man kept looking at the grassland and suddenly a bunny popped out of the tall grass. It bounced around the field and disappeared on the other side again. The young man smiled gratefully at this sight. He loved seeing the white bums of the bunnies pop up with every hop they took.

These animals felt peaceful and joyful. No worries but to feast on the food that was all around them. The young man’s eyes gently closed and he leaned his head against the tree trunk. He dreamed of being that peaceful, joyful, and free in his life. He always thought that college was the way to move through life. That, if he had finished college he would go with the flow. But it turned out differently. His dream of becoming a writer, an artist that used his skill for good had become stronger. He couldn’t run from it. As a kid, he remembered writing about pandas and adventure. He never finished a book, he just loved to write. But finishing was the hardest thing to do. He was overflowing with ideas and energy so all that mattered to him was to just write and if he wanted to play outside he’d stop writing. It was that simple. But now he knows that he wanted to pursue this for the rest of his life. There was no more running or hiding off the responsibility he had to take towards himself.

His eyes moved under his eyelids as if he was looking around in his dream life. Seeing the world as he wanted it to be. Writing each day in solitude and learning of the wonders of life. He wanted to experience life and make art out of it, art that helped people. Simple stories, filled with joy and meaning. For people to read and think, so they too one day could take the jump and live their dream life. He had big plans. He saw a new wave emerging that learned with joy. No matter what age, the writing was the way to the heart and he knew that. He wanted to write for people to remember and in a way that everyone could learn from it. A loud crack behind the boy startled him. He sat straight up and his eyes were wide open. His fist was pumped and pushed himself closer to the tree. He knew that sound. It wasn’t an animal, nor a falling branch. It was footsteps.


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A man he recognized from past times

His body was pushed against the tree trunk. There weren’t many people in this forest and never at this particular spot. It was far from the main paths and you weren’t allowed to be there really. So the boy was scared of a forester coming his way and noticing him. He peaked around the trunk of the tree and saw a man with cut greyish hair, a large round belly poked out of his open jacket. He was wearing a blue checkered shirt and the buttons were barely holding up from his belly pushing on them. In one of his hands, he was holding a white baseball cap, that he put on as soon as the boy watched. The boys had a strange feeling that he knew the man from past times. Someone he loved deeply, but he wasn’t sure who this could be. The fear of being caught had settled down. His hands loosened and he moved away from the tree trunk. He noticed that the man was nearing him so he just sat there. Waiting for the man to come around the corner.

“Oh hi!” The old man said a bit startled by seeing someone in this part of the forest. But the young man also noticed that he was quite relaxing for finding a stranger in this place. As if this happened more often to him. “How are you?” The man asked reaching out with his left hand to greet the young man. “I am good, just sitting here.” The boy replied struggling to give a good firm handshake with his left hand. The old man laughed. “Why are you laughing?” The boy asked. “I love to give people a left handshake, most people find this awkward and uncomfortable and it is a great opener of a conversation.” The young man found this extraordinarily weird, so he didn’t answer and just let it be. “Do you mind me sitting next to you on this beautiful spot?” The old man asked, already sitting down with his back against the tree that was next to his. “Hmm okay.” The young man said a bit annoyed to be interrupted in his dreams. He found the old man rather annoying and disruptive, but man was the young man wrong…

“I love sitting in this particular spot, I come here every day.” The man said. He was excited and at peace, the boy knew that the man must come here more often. He moved gracefully through the forest as if he knew every inch of leaves, trees, roots, and branches. The young man didn’t respond and just stared into the distance, looking out over the grassland. The old man did so too. They sat still for a few minutes. The boy didn’t find it necessary to start a conversation with this familiar stranger. So he wandered off into his dreams again. He thought of his future, but this time he felt at peace. He didn’t worry so much about what could happen. All he saw was a beautifully bright future ahead of him. In which he could live his life and write. His eyes closed again and the old man noticed this. He had seen this many times before on his daily trips to the forest, always coming to the same spot. His heart smiled because he knew what was about to happen. The young man wondered if the old man was still there. He felt his presence in his daydream as if he was the one making sure he’d be fearless in his dream and full of excitement. So the young man opened his eyes again, and the old man was sitting just like him. Eyes closed but they were moving under his eyelids scanning his dreams and thoughts. But as the young man looked at the old man he opened his eyes and smiled.

Explain to me what you see

“Isn’t it lovely to think of your dreams out here?” The old man said. “Wait what? How did he know I was thinking of my dream life?” The boy thought to himself and then responded. “Yes, it’s wonderful out here.” He didn’t dare to ask the man any questions he still acted hesitant towards the man. The old man knew this, but he knew the kid very well. This kid wasn’t the only kid that he had talked to out here in the woods. It seemed as if each week there was someone else sitting under the same set of trees, with the same thoughts as this young man had right now. “What are you dreaming about?” Said the old man staring straight into the distance. But his voice was so warm and genuine that the young man started to trust this man.

“I was thinking of…” the young man started to explain. “I was thinking of my dream life.” “And how does that dream life look to you? Describe it to me in full vibrancy and colors. I want to see it as you see it.” said the man. “Okay.” The boy said finding this question a bit weird and uncomfortable. The boy closed his eyes again and so did the old man. The two were now sitting underneath two trees and all that connected them were the thoughts they had. “I see myself walking through a house. It’s a cozy wooden house somewhere in a forest. I have prepared myself some breakfast and look outside through a large glass facade, it’s autumn and the leaves are starting to fall. In the garden I see loads of trees and plants growing. Herbs, vegetables, and fruits all there for us to grab and eat. I open up the two doors to the outside and let the fresh air come in. It is cold but I like it.” The young man’s face squeezed together as if the cold wind was hitting it. He was living his dream right underneath the tree. The old man peaked through his eyelids and saw this happening. He smiled, his question was working.

“It’s still dark out but I have learned to love this moment of the day. This solitude and quiet life. I sit down in one of the chairs facing the window and eat my breakfast and drink water. My girlfriend is out of bed as well now and joins me. We both sit on the ground with a small candle burning and we meditate. I love this moment of the day because we are connected to ourselves, the world, and each other.” The young man smiles at the thought of her. They had been together for three years now and he would wish to spend loads more years with her. “My morning is calming and relaxing” the boy continues. “I read and learn, as well as write for one to two hours a day. I see myself creating altered worlds and reliving them as I write my words. It’s a magical process in which I can lose myself for hours an end. This was the flow state I was always looking for.” The young man stopped for a moment and had to wipe away a tear rolling down his face. He didn’t want the old man to see. But the old man was still peeking through his eyelids and saw everything that was happening to the boy.

“I can live this life because my stories, my books, my art, and work is helping millions of people. It was rough for a year or so but I made it and keep pushing on.” “Focus on your dream,” the old man said, “It’s all about your dream not the road towards it.” So the young man continued with his dream. “I write stories and send them to people, I create books regularly and record podcasts for people to listen to. I’ve built a brand that is more than just stories. It has become a platform in which all people learn to experience the beauty of living. But this is just my job.” The boy said and hesitated to continue. Fear started to creep in. The old man knew this would happen and spoke in a comforting voice. “Don’t worry about what will happen. Just dream, just see your life in its full potential.” The young man gathered his courage and continued.

“I have become a joyful, peaceful, meaningful, and kind man. Everything in my life is flourishing but not in a way that everything is happy ever after. I have learned to deal with life as it is and enjoy every piece of it. That has made all the difference.” The young man went quiet and opened his eyes. The old man did so too. He smiled at the young man and the young man looked over the grasslands. He felt as if he awoke from a sort of trance. “I have just lived my future.” The young man said. “I have just lived my future in a matter of minutes.” The young man repeated with excitement in his voice. “I love your dream,” the old man said. “Not many young folks I meet in this forest think of bringing something to the world. A lot of people think of themselves and think of the money they can make. But this wasn’t the case for you and that made your dream so much stronger.” The boy didn’t yet know the power of what he had just done. He looked at his watch and was shocked. It was time for him to leave, diner was about to be served at home.

“I am so sorry, I have to leave.” The boy said as he stood up and walked away. The old man was content and stayed there. He knew that something had changed in the boy.


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An old friend

Years passed. The young man who sat under that tree with the old man was no more. He had grown into the man that he dreamed of. He experiences the beauty of living even the hardships. He wrote many great books and stories and loved helping people to live happier more in harmony with world life. The old man continued to go to the same spot in the forest. Meeting young folks like him each week. That was his dream. He had done it for years and would do it to the day he died. He loved helping these young people experience the strength of imagining their future. 5 years had now passed. The old man entered the forest again and walked down the same path as he did many years, each day again. He stepped off the road and danced through the tree to the spot he sat with the young man. A smile appeared on his face. There was a new kid for him to talk to and listen to.

His footsteps gave away his presence but the kid that sat there wasn’t scared. “That was strange, normally kids scare away from the slightest of sounds.” The old man thought. He turned around the tree trunk and…

“Hi there.” A familiar voice said. The old man was amazed and burst out in tears. “Hi,” he said filled with joy. “How are you?” The young man asked. It was him. The young man. That had sat under this tree 5 years ago. His life had changed. It had become what he envisioned at that very moment. He was grateful for that moment every day of his life, but one thing had always been nibbling on his guilt. He had thanked the old man enough. He had just left to be on time for diner. When he visited his parents he decided to go to the forest once more. To see if the old man was still going to this spot every day. The two-man hugged like two old friends meeting again.

“I wanted to come by one last time. To thank you.” The young man said. “For what?” The old man replied. “For listening to me, because my life has become as I spoke to you that very day. I still don’t understand how this magic power of yours works.” The old man laughed and was delighted to hear that this young man had made his dreams come true. “It’s not my power, it’s yours” the old man simply replied. “But I don’t get it?” The young man said confused. “How could this all came true by simply imagining it?”

“That is the power of this earth, my young boy. Life is overflowing, it is in abundance everywhere you go. Only everyone chooses to see what is lacking instead of what is in abundance. That moment, years back when you came here and envisioned your dream life you put out a seed and watered it. You started to manifest your deepest dreams, desires and wishes for not only yourself but also the world and the people around you. At that moment you lived as if you were there already. You saw everything happening and experienced the emotions as well. You manifested your dream life yourself and that is the power you and you only possess. All I did was sit here and listen. I just asked you one simple question, what is your dream life? The rest you did by yourself.” The old man smiled, never had any of the kids that sat under this tree came back to visit him again. This kid, this kid was a special one. The old man knew it.

Dream as if everything is happening around you

Dream dear reader. Dream and envision your life. Dream of your dream day. Just do it. See it happening, the people you meet, the things you do, the things you achieved. Do it as vibrant, as colorful, as lively as you can. Experience the beauty of living. Every emotion, every sound, every moment of your dream life.

The old man wasn’t a master or a guru on any particular topic he just knew how to listen to dreams and share the dreams with others. That was all he needed to do. It is all you need to do. The power of dreaming of your dream life will come true. Write it down, think of yourself in 5 years and work towards it. Each day again, small steps towards your dream life. Dream of it. Create it. Manifest it. It will come true. Remember to experience the beauty of life and your life will have all it ever needs.

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