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It’s 6 am. It’s dark in my room. The only light I have is the light on my alarm clock. I quickly make my way towards it, to stop that deafening sound from playing...

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It’s 6 am. It’s dark in my room. The only light I have is the light on my alarm clock. I quickly make my way towards it, to stop that deafening sound from playing. It’s a new day, your body knows that and slowly starts to get into gear. A splash of cold water in my face is a refreshing second wake up call. It does spark the need to go for a pee. I sit down and the toilet seat is still cold. I shiver and quickly get up again and make haste to put on some warm comfy clothes. My morning is well on its way. The moon and sun are both in the sky. I see a tiny leak of yellow sunlight entering through the blinds on the left and the moon still blasting full force from the right. I open the blinds and greet the new day.

I notice the dew on my window and the cold temperature that has been kept behind the blinds. It’s beginning to feel like winter again. “I hope it’s gonna snow this year.” I think to myself. “Wouldn’t that be wonderful, it’s been years since we had some good snow and ice.” The random thoughts have found their way through and begin to clutter my mind. Welcome to my day. On a small couch in my room are three pillows. All the different colors. So I grab one and place it on the ground. I take a seat and place my legs cross-legged. My knee is still hurting from the last day. I breathe in and let out a big breath of air and at the same time close my eyes.

It’s time to reflect inward. All kinds of feelings and thoughts arise. The need to move is strong, my body wants to stay active. Otherwise, it will slowly fall back asleep again. I move my head a bit then my hands and go through my hair once. The temptation to fall back asleep is big, so I decide to get up and move. Focusing on my breath in the meantime. I feel calm again. Rested both physically and mentally. During meditation, my thoughts often wandered to breakfast. “What am I gonna have for breakfast this morning?” It’s one of the rituals I enjoy most of the morning. Cutting some fruit, hearing the banana peel tear off and the knife cutting through the buttery-like substance. The smell of cinnamon-flavored granola. But it’s not the best part of the morning.


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Brown golden glow

I love watching the sunrise. By now the sun is barely peeking over the fence. It’s changed from a soft gentle glow to a palette of yellow, orange, pink, and purple colors. A spectacle reflecting on the clouds and making the sky glow for a moment. It is as if the sun thanks to the moon for its job during the night just before it dips behind the horizon. And all of a sudden there it is. The light of day is rapidly moving up as I eat my breakfast. The few flowers that can survive the horrific weather in autumn are, as if by magic, opening. They feel the sun coming and know it’s their time to shine too. Inch by inch you see their leaves roll open and their cores turning towards the sun. It’s an absolute delight to watch this small precious spectacle happening.

I take my last bite of breakfast and get up. Thanking the sun for this amazing morning. It’s something to be grateful for each day. “Could anyone think badly of the sun and moon? Would anyone hate them or think of them as annoying? It could be.” I think to myself. “But why would you, it’s a blessing to witness it. I know what’s coming now. I am excited. For some reason, this is that one moment I look out for in the morning. I place my bowl in the dishwasher and clean the mess I made.

On a shelf just above eyesight are 4 jars with bamboo textured lids. The transparent jars all have a different label on them. One blue, one brown, one green, and one without any label at all. I pick one of the jars and open the lid. I take a deep breath in and smell the flavor of ungrounded coffee beans. That to me is morning solitude. The ending of a peaceful morning. A calm morning. I grab a small scoop and hear the beans tick against the glass and scrub against one another. It’s one of those satisfying sounds that you often find in coin machines. Hearing all the coins pop out one by one in a tin cup. It’s just like that. Satisfying and pleasing. I place the beans in a small hand grinder, which everyone hates because it takes time and makes an obnoxiously hard grinding sound. Cracking all the beans and leaving a pile of grounded brown shreds.

I pour some hot water over the grounded beans and let it sink in. Coloring the transparent water into an orangey, brown liquid that’s the end of my morning ritual. I sit down. In comfort. A book by my side and hearing a few bubbles on the coffee pop. I grab the plastic textured handle of the French press and pour it into a cup. The thick, smooth sound is indescribable. It’s marvelous to me how all the things can add up. My hand slide over the paper and moves to the cup of coffee. Hovering above it, feeling the heat and vapor condense on my hand. My mind at peace, my body rested and my soul rejoiced by all the beauty it has already witnessed that morning.


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A morning filled with gratitude

To me the morning is gratitude. It is everything I love doing, everything that not only feeds my mind and my body but also makes my soul come alive. Without it I find myself often doing things I don’t want, feeling more stressed and rushed throughout the day. This is a routine I could do for the rest of my life. Maybe adding one or two things along the way, but not much will change. This truly fills my soul with energy, passion, peace, and gratitude. I have started to elevate my morning routine for about half a year now and the impact has been massive.

I have since that day started creating more and more, started feeling better and I have more energy throughout the day. If I had to give one piece of advice to someone who wants to get more out of their day it would be to create a marvelous morning routine for themselves. It is that powerful. Now I have learned that a morning routine consists of three key elements. Movement, reflection, and learning.

Movement is to get the body started, whatever it is you like doing to get into the flow. Do some pushups, get a full workout in, do some yoga, or stretch your body. This is the moment to give your body a kickstart of energy and is essential to staying awake. Because yes at the beginning of getting my morning routine going I often fell asleep again. My body was just not energized yet, but now as I get up, I do some push-ups and some core exercises, and my body feels pumped and ready to go.

Reflection is that moment in your routine when you do an exercise to reflect on your thoughts and life. I love doing meditation and sit down each morning for at least 15 minutes. This gets my mind focused and clear for the day. Any remaining energy or stress from the last day I can eliminate. This is also the time for me to grab my journal and write down things I am grateful for. This is such a powerful and incredible tool for joy throughout your day. It gets my brain fired up to notice more of the small incredibly satisfying and beautiful things I can be thankful for. In the last practice, I love to visualize my future so that I know exactly why I do what I do each day. But you can do whatever you like doing here. Journal about your thoughts, just sit and stare at a blank wall, do yoga, and get into your body, do some breathing exercises or maybe go for a walk outside. These are all things in which you can reflect and set your mind and soul right for that day.

Learning is the last thing that ends my morning routine. I get myself a delicious cup of coffee and sit down. That is the moment when I grab a book and start reading. I dive into topics I know nothing about or topics I want to expand my knowledge on. Reading books on Buddhism, Christianity, philosophy, marketing, joy, purpose, and peaceful living. The list could continue but I might get into the things I love reading most in a later story if you would be interested in that. In short, do something that sparks the learning side of your brain. Improve yourself mentally, so that you have new knowledge to tackle your day.

All these things are what get you started, they spark the marvelous human being inside you. It’s a small reminder each day that Today I Lived.

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