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Just Experience. This is simple, this is everything I experience that doesn’t fit into a topic. My thoughts, my being, my me. Today I Lived. That’s it.

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How asking “How are you?” Can really change your life

On a Sunday afternoon, a worker was walking through the woods. The sun was slowly setting, barely above the treetops. The worker thought of his upcoming work week. He worried, about how he would do. It was his second month at work and he didn’t make his quota in the first month. He was too overwhelmed…

Heal the world with little effort

There is one simple thing that we can all change. There is no one that will not be able to do this. There will be no one that can say this is too hard. This one thing we can all do. If you don’t do this, this is a choice not something that is out of reach. You can act now!

A trip of life and death

A trip of life and death. A story that makes you understand that suffering has meaning. A reason of being and why we all must face it.

The meaning of life

The grasp of getting to the meaning of life is an ever continuing quest. Yet we Viktor L. Frankl has found a meaning that we can all understand.

The drag ~ “A thought on the topic of doing what is ‘normal’”

Everyday is the same. In and out. Over and over again. Never a change. Only for one moment. A few weeks in summer. Then something chances. It’s wonderful but why?

Not knowing is knowing

Not knowing is knowing exactly what to do. It is the not knowing that we live for. It is just like making a puzzle. You don’t know where to start but you keep on going. So what is it in the unknowing that we can use to find out the solution to it all?

A walk in the park

The other day I went for a walk with my dog. I was kinda rushed, so my dog started to run around. Then I changed something and he started to slow down. What changed I wondered? What could it be that he felt that made him this way? What can we learn from the relationship with our dogs that can change how we view our emotions?

Minimalism for the mind

Taking the mind into a new realm. Where the thoughts are minimal. Where we follow our own advice.

The monster in the cupboard

A short story breaking down what we can learn from the movie Monster Inc. About how we can love our demons.

Grab a chair and sit

How to control your emotions with one simple step. The chair method will give you a new perspective on how to control your emotions.

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