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The power of getting into a flow-state

His tire cuts through the soft sand. The brakes squeak as his back tire slips away. His left foot is already off the pedal, trying to correct his movement. His eyes are fixed on the ground underneath him. Then quickly scan what is ahead…

Don’t like meditating? This might be a method for you!

A car drove by whilst honking all the way. It seemed as if the drivers of this city knew best how to use their horns. The taxi drivers loved using their horns for every occasion even if it were just a few seconds after the traffic light had turned green they would blow their horns…

The marvellous power of morning solitude | Morning routine

It’s 6 am. It’s dark in my room. The only light I have is the light on my alarm clock. I quickly make my way towards it, to stop that deafening sound from playing…

An extraordinary powerful method to overcome anxiety and moments of stress

I hear my suede brown shoes splash and squeeze on the soft slushy mud underneath the leaves. The leaves crunch and stick to the bottom of my shoe. Their colors vary from red to brown, but all equally as beautiful…

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