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Is your work doing this to your life?

The plans for the new building seem to be great. All the electricity, plumbing, roofing, insulation, and everything else is just right. He closes the document, moves his move over to the email icon, and clicks it. A shiver of doubt and stress go over his skin…

Being proud of yourself even if you don’t get to the result you want (part 2)

The knight continued on the sandy road. Leaving the village behind him. The smoke in between the mountains wasn’t there anymore. He wondered if… “No that can’t be.” He shook the thought of his mind and galloped east.

Being proud of yourself even if you don’t get to the result you want (part 1)

The feet of his horse click on the stone roads leading out of the city. The little pebbles keep the road from going muddy and getting dirt all over the king’s clothes. His sword glimmered in the light reflecting from a window on the side of the road. His metal gloves clang as he moved slightly up and down following his horse’s rhythm.

This lies at the core of your joy and happiness

YOU CAN HAVE THIS TOO!” A voice shouts from the screen, flashing 6 digit numbers on the screen. “You can have financial freedom and buy everything you want!

The 3 fundamentals of a healthy relationship

The old husband grabbed his black cloak coat and put it on. He buttoned up the three big brown buttons and looked into the living room through the hallway. As he did that he grabbed a beanie and put it over his combed grey, almost silver-white hair…

The incredible power of creative manifestation

The tree trunk was perfectly shaped so his spine was straight. He sat cross-legged. His chest pumped up getting every last bit of oxygen into his longes. He had just finished college and had big dreams in his life. Turning 21 had made him realize that he had one chance at this, so he better make the most of it. Now it was time for him to focus on his dream, no college who was constantly taking his precious time and attention…

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