What Makes People Shift to an Abundant Mindset?
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A Moral Story To See the Abundance in Your Life

It’s the end of the season. The fields that were filled with potatoes, corn, and wheat a few days ago, are now empty. Every crop was harvested. John put away his tractor and went home.

It had been a long day. He got up at around 4 in the morning and harvested all his crops till late in the afternoon. He looked at the clock, it was 7 p.m. John was exhausted but seeing this year’s harvest made him smile. Yet again it was more than last year. He felt like there was a guardian angel on his shoulder. He was blessed with abundance in his life.

The next morning Benjamin knocked on John’s door. Benjamin was a neighboring farmer. He drove by this morning and noticed the huge pile of potatoes, and wondered how John had such a great harvest this year. His own crops hadn’t been as fruitful. He might be lucky if he had about half of what John had harvested. Which was a shame cause Benjamin had far more land than John, yet couldn’t seem to make the most of it.

John opened the door and was pleased to see Benjamin. The two farmers were good friends. There was no rivalry between them. No jealousy, or competition. They learned from one another and Benjamin taught John a lot about farming. So John couldn’t feel anything but gratitude for Benjamin.

John invited Benjamin in, and they talked about this year’s harvest. Benjamin told John how he was amazed by the number of good crops that John had harvested this year. Benjamin’s voice quivered for a moment when he asked John how he did it. He didn’t want to upset John. But John smiled and didn’t seem to mind the question. “Will you come for a walk with me Benjamin?’ John asked. ‘Once you taught me the essentials of farming, now I will show you the abundance that’s all around us.”

Everything knows its purpose, weeds naturally serve as attractors or repellers of insects. And insects like bees in their turn pollinate and spread the fruits of nature all around. Live with nature, instead of trying to control it and live in abundance.

Eagerness to Control

The two farmers went outside and strolled around the farm. The sun had just risen above the high trees that stood on the edge of John’s farm. It cast a gorgeous golden glow on the grass and illuminated all the bugs that danced above it. Benjamin saw how many bugs there were. ‘How could you grow so many beautiful crops when there are so many bugs around?’ He asked John. John smiled.

‘That’s the first thing I wanted to show you. We as farmers have been given so many amazing tools that make our workload lighter. Things like tractors, and mechanical tools. But the pesticides and chemicals we use to get rid of bugs are the worst. They destroy your land, the crops, and nature itself. They are created out of fear that we will not have an abundance of food otherwise. Now I am not an experienced farmer but I do know this, that everything nature created knows its purpose.’

‘But John,’ Benjamin interrupted ‘Those bugs, they eat all your crops. Destroy them. Make them useless.’ Benjamin stopped walking for a moment and waited for John’s answer. ‘They do, that is if you don’t use nature to your advantage. Do you see those plants and weeds right there?’ John asked as he pointed to a small patch of land that was overgrown with weed.

‘Yeah, why didn’t you get rid of those?’ Benjamin asked.

‘Because those are the reason that my crops flourish.’ John answered. ‘Benjamin, we as humans have been so eager to control nature, that we forgot to work with it. We don’t need pesticides or chemicals. We need those. The weeds, the plants that naturally attract or repel insects. If you allow those to grow with your crops the insects will naturally be drawn to them, or be repelled instead of eating and feasting on your crops.’ Benjamin was shocked. He had been a farmer for years but never knew this.

‘It’s not just farmers who can learn from this, Benjamin. Many humans should. We should learn to live with nature and make use of its abundance. Instead of trying to control it, and in that way destroy it. Nature is far more complex and intricate than our small brains can understand. We should focus on learning from nature and work with it to our own advantage as well as nature’s advantage, that’s how we all prosper and live in abundance. Instead of looking at everything that we don’t have in our lives, let’s look at the things we do have and how we can make good use of them. After all, everything serves a purpose. Instead of trying to control and conquer each other or the natural world we should live and work together. Like you once shared your wisdom with me, and now I share it with you. So that we can both prosper and thrive as farmers, right Benjamin?’ John smacked Benjamin on the shoulder as a friendly gesture.

There’s more than enough on this planet, it’s just a matter of being willing to help and support others. To share the abundance of life, knowing that if we do everyone will prosper. That’s how nature was designed, to support all life forms, and we as humans have been put on here to guide that natural abundance.

Both of them laughed. ‘We should indeed.’ Benjamin said.

‘There’s more than enough on this planet,’ John says after a moment of silence. ‘Whether that be food, knowledge, water, supplies, advice, tools, you name it and there is more than enough to support all of us. It’s just a matter of being willing to help and support others. To share the abundance of life, knowing that if we do everyone will prosper. That’s how nature was designed, to support all life forms, and we as humans have been put on here to guide that natural abundance. Sadly we haven’t done much of it. Just know this, my friend, that when you don’t have enough crops you can always have part of mine. If you need help you can always find it at my home. And so I hope that I can knock on your door when I need to. But that’s up to you my friend. As long as this planet exists, it will thrive and have the possibility to support everyone. It’s just a matter of shifting our focus from seeing everything we don’t have, or that’s bothering us, to seeing how we can use it and learn from it.’ John stops to look around over his farmland. He smiles and enjoys the abundance of life.

This planet was designed to be abundant. Sometimes we just need to understand that this abundance comes from working together, from asking for help, and not doing it all by ourselves. By seeing how we can learn and make use of what is given to us. John’s heart is full of the beauty of life. Because he knows that today you live, and so you make the most of it! That’s the essence of an abundant mindset.

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