When You Feel Like Your Dreams Aren’t Coming True, Read This…
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Moral Stories on the Art of Living That Lead You on a Path of Self Discovery

A young woman sat on the edge of the sidewalk. Cars were crossing by, but she didn’t notice any of them. Her head was hanging low, and tears were dripping into the small puddle of water left from that day’s heavy rainfall. Never in her life had she felt worse and more demotivated than right now.

A few months back the young woman began a new endeavor. She started her own business, and could now call herself a young entrepreneur. It was everything she ever dreamed of. Months had passed but she had not made any real income from it. She quit her job and burned through most of her savings. She was at a desperate low, her dream was crumbling before her eyes.

An older man walked by, just like many other strangers did. None of them noticed the young woman. If they did, they acted as if they didn’t. The older man noticed the girl and heard her soft sobbing. He walked up to the young woman and sat next to her.

A soft and deep voice suddenly spoke. The woman hadn’t noticed the older man. “Is everything alright?” The man gently asked. The woman shook her head and forced out a smile. “Why are you crying, my dear?” The man asked. He brought this strange feeling of comfort to the conversation. As if she was speaking to her grandfather.

Sometimes Our Dreams Don’t Come True

After a moment of hesitation, the woman explains what she was going through. How she made the leap of faith to start her own business, but how none of it was working out. She started to cry. “My dreams… they…” the woman tried to speak but again and again the tears overwhelmed her. After a few minutes, she regains herself. The man gently waited and smiled at the woman. It’s the kind of smile that comforts her, that makes her feel accepted.

“It’s just that… My dreams are crushed, broken, nothing is working out for me.” The woman says. “Maybe this isn’t meant for me. Maybe I should just quit my dream.” The old man touches his heart. He puts his finger underneath the chin of the woman and pushes it up. It startles the woman. “How dare he touch her.” She thinks to herself. “Keep your head up, dear.” The man says in the most generous way possible. Those small words were spoken with such kindness that the woman didn’t mind the man touches her chin. He did it out of kindness. “Do you mind me telling you a story? To maybe cheer you up a bit?” The man asked. The woman chuckled. “Yeah go on.” She answered.

Sometimes our dreams don’t come true when we want them to come true, not to punish us, but to teach us a lesson. To be grateful, to be patient, and to always be loving and kind.

“When I was your age, I was in love with this beautiful girl. She had lushes brown hair, with soft curves like the ocean. Her brown eyes glistened when the light would hit it. I was so in love with that woman. But she had another lover. A young man, just like myself, who was kind, loving, good-looking. He took amazing care of the woman I loved. He respected her like no other.” The woman looked at the man and was intrigued by his story.

“I couldn’t be jealous of him. I could only be happy for the woman I loved because she deserved nothing less than a man like himself. I stayed friends with her for many years. All this time seeing how in love she was with this young man. I had given up all hope on making her my wife one day. I let my head down, I didn’t want to push anything onto this beautiful woman. I didn’t want to convince her to love me or force anything to happen. If it would happen, it would happen.” The man said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Years passed, and with each day I fell more in love with this woman. I noticed that I was growing on her as well. We spend more time together, and one day her relationship with this amazing man ended. I think almost 5 years of friendship had passed by then. To this day I still don’t know why she ended the relationship. All I know is that after such a long time of loving this woman from a distance we fell in love. I can now gladly call her my wife. My beautiful, gorgeous, spectacular wife.” The woman noticed that the man held a small amulet in his hands with a picture of a woman on it. It must be his wife.

Our dreams in life don’t always come true right away. If they would we would never appreciate them as much as we should.

“You see my lady,” the woman giggled, this old man was such a gentleman. “Our dreams in life don’t always come true right away. If they would we would never appreciate them as much as we should. If that beautiful woman I loved would have loved me right away, we would never be together till the end of time. We would never respect each other as much as we do right now. We would never love each other as much. Sometimes our dreams don’t come true when we want them to come true, not to punish us, but to teach us a lesson. To be grateful, to be patient, and to always be loving and kind.” The man smiles and looks out over the traffic-packed street.

Our Lives are Long, If We Don’t Take Anything for Granted

“I love your story. I love your patience, and love for your wife.” The woman spoke. “But I always believed that if we have a dream, and we start to pursue it, it will naturally come our way. Isn’t everything that is meant to be supposed to happen quickly?” The woman said, looking down at the ground again.

If everything we want would be given to us the moment we ask for us life would be meaningless, dull, boring.

“Heads up young lady.” The older man said again. “Our lives are long journeys, my lady. They aren’t as short and as quick as many people nowadays tell you. I’ve seen the videos, the stories of the people who tell you that life is short and that you should work hard for your dreams. Their stories of success, of how they quickly rose to the top of their industry, are inspiring. But it isn’t part of reality. You see, thinking that our lives are short gives us this amazing motivational boost. An initial hit to pursue our dreams and do what makes us feel alive. But that boost won’t last, because life would be meaningless, dull, and boring if everything we want would be given to us the moment we ask for it. Our lives are very long my young lady. Yes, time passes quickly, but that doesn’t mean our lives are short. You have time, and if you would die tomorrow you wouldn’t be able to accomplish your dreams anyway. I never forced anything to happen between me and my wife. I knew that if it was meant to happen one day it would, and if it wouldn’t I would probably meet another woman. That didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy my life, or that I would quit loving my wife. Life is long, there is plenty of possibilities for us to make our dreams come true. What’s more important is that we love today, that we enjoy what we are doing, and if that day of our death would come, that we would have enjoyed that day.” The woman smiled. The older man was right. Life was long, although she had always believed it was brief. A short trip that she had to make the most of by achieving everything she wanted.

“So what should I do now? Continue or quit?” The woman asked the older man. The older man answered. “That is up to you, but if it is your dream and if it is making you happy then that’s all that matters. I want you to remember that life is long, we shouldn’t focus so much on the results, on the successes, and achievements. I am proud of all those years I loved my wife without feeling the need of having a relationship with her. And you should be proud of yourself too young lady. Proud of every little step you are making. Just enjoy more of the ordinary things, of the cars passing by, of the rain, and the sounds. Our lives are long, but we should never take it for granted because if we do that’s when life will quickly pass us by. Making us feel like it is short.”

Our lives are long, but we should never take it for granted, because if we do that’s when life will quickly pass us by. Making us feel like it is short.

The man and woman stayed quiet for a while. Watching the cars pass by. Seeing the day turn into night. Just enjoying what life had to offer at that special moment. The woman decided to continue with her business. She didn’t make money for a few years and was forced to get a side job. It didn’t matter to her anymore. She knew that she was doing what she loved and that with patience and time her dreams would come true. Her life was long, and she wouldn’t waste it by ignoring the blessings she was receiving every day. She understood that her dreams were never about the results or the achievements, but about the enjoyment of creating her own business.

The Moral of the Story

Stop seeing life as this short and brief experience. That’s the moral of this short story. I know many people tell you to see life as this short period of time. Telling you that you should make the most of it and do everything you ever wanted to do. Now I don’t say that you shouldn’t do the things you enjoy, I am just saying that we shouldn’t put too much pressure on ourselves for doing these things.

Life is a long journey, and it will only feel short if we focus too much on the outcome, on the desires we have, and the dreams we want to come true. Then our lives will very quickly pass us by. But if we can see that life is long, we can see that each moment we have is another opportunity, another possibility to enjoy the marvelous blessing of even getting to experience this life.

You have time to achieve your dreams, to do the things you love to do. For now enjoy what you have, the things you get to do. Live with passion, joy, and love. And be patient. Allow yourself to live a peaceful life. Life isn’t about achieving our dreams, it’s about doing the things we love, and maybe one day that will result in the achievement of our goals. Let’s not confuse the difference between dreams and goals. Dreams are lived right now, goals are achieved over time. There is a massive difference.

Life is long, allow yourself to enjoy the process of life, and don’t rush your way towards the end results. Life would be boring if we would get everything we desire the moment we ask for it. It’s the process of getting it that makes life so enjoyable. So will you be grateful for the rest of your days? Will you fall in love with your life?

For no other reason then, that today you live.

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