Why I Often Create Moments of Reflection


Slowing Down In A Overly Busy World

To be honest with you, I don’t feel so great. It’s hard because this is a feeling I’ve been feeling more and more often lately. A feeling of being off, sad, maybe a bit depressed, and mostly scared. But for what? I don’t know. But this story isn’t about how I feel or being sad and depressed sometimes. It’s about taking a moment to reflect. To deal with these things as they arise. It’s what I am going to do after writing and creating this story.

So why am I creating this story in the first place? Why not put it off if I am feeling bad?

Because I know that life isn’t always gonna be great, yet I want to be able to do what I love every day. Despite the way, I feel, or rather with the way I feel. Writing for me is about feeling alive, and experiencing what I am going through, and it is the reason why I decided to write daily. It puts me in a spot where I can’t hide from my feelings anymore and simply have to face them. The way I prefer to do that is through reflection.

Part One: The Sad Truth

The sad truth is that we will not always feel great. Maybe if you are enlightened you will not feel bad anymore, but even then, yogis will probably feel bad. It’s just that they have seen the truth about feeling bad and that it is self-created. Therefore they can quickly move past it. For us, on the other hand, it might be harder to do so. To move past bad days and bad times. We go through them more slowly, sometimes too slow to our liking. That’s probably because we don’t like to feel bad, we would much rather be happy and excited all the time.

Yet living isn’t just that, and this is a sad, and often a hard truth to face. Why is it this way, why do we have to face suffering? That isn’t clear to me. The only reason I can come up with is for us to grow and learn from them. That’s exactly why I wrote this. And why you are probably reading this.

Part Two: Why You Should Reflect?

Reflection is our way to learn from feeling bad. It’s hard to face the sad truth, but if you know that learning from it can make it better you’re more likely to enjoy more of your life. Moments of reflection can come in all different kinds of ways. Some might be forced, in which you’re most likely to be in such a rough spot that you have no other choice than to reflect on your life. Think of depression, addiction, health issues, getting fired from your job, all these things are a hard stop to your life. These are the hard hands that pull you into a season of reflection.

But what most of us are going through isn’t that. Just like I am going through right now, you might be feeling off, a weird feeling that’s hardly explainable. A feeling of emptiness inside, or discomfort in the body, a sense of uncertainty, and doubt. A feeling of not knowing where to go or what to do. Those are more common moments that invite us in to reflect. To look at our lives and see if we are still content with it. Are we okay with the path we are walking? Ignoring these signs, by pushing them away will eventually lead up to the hard stops. That’s why you should create time to reflect. To look at your life.

If you don’t you will most likely face a hard stop. If you are working all the time, and start feeling off, or stressed, it’s a subtle invitation to stop and reflect on what you are doing. If you don’t take that subtle nudge, you will most likely burn out. Which will then be the hard stop that you can’t evade or escape. So if you are feeling just like me. Overwhelmed, unsure, scared, depressed, sad, or anything similar I want you to know that this is a subtle nudge, a subtle invitation to draw you into a moment of reflection.

These moments could be just a few minutes, other times hours, or days, maybe months, or years. It depends on your willingness to listen to the changes that arise whilst reflecting. It depends on your willingness to create fully dedicated time to reflect. I think you do want to create this time, just like me. But you are a bit scared, just like me. And therefore get distracted, or allow yourself to be distracted often. Because that distraction is easier than ever before. All it takes is grabbing your phone and opening a social media app. That will do the trick to put off the reflection time till later, and for now, make you feel better.

That’s why it’s so important to create fully dedicated time to reflect. In which you do nothing but reflect. And you fully indulge yourself in it. In this article, I won’t go into practices on how to reflect. I think all you need to know is to sit in silence. Maybe have a pen and paper at the ready, you don’t need much more to reflect. What comes up in your body and mind in that silence, that’s all that matters. This is all there is to reflection. Silence, awareness, acknowledgment. Silence by being silent and having no distractions. Awareness over your body and mind. And the acknowledgment of whatever thoughts, emotions, or physical sensations come up and learning from it.

Part Three: The Road To…

I truly believe that a moment of reflection is the road we need to walk toward living a great life. It’s not a road we take once and then end up where we want to be forever. Moments of reflection are like the water you take on your journey. You need it. Without it, you’ll dry out. Just like the water you constantly carry reflection with you. You regularly have silence, awareness, and acknowledgment of your life and how you feel. That is the road to your personal greatness. The road that will lead to elevation of your life’s experience. That will have you say, Today I Lived, I made the most of it.

I hope to be more clear, and vivid next week after a few days of focused reflection. For now, enjoy your day, make the most of it. Feel alive, and go through all of it. I love you, dear reader.

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