Why Must We Do Anything?


Day 1 of Feeling Alive

I’ve been wanting to feel alive. To experience the fulness and richness of life. This is the very first article on that. The first day. Many days of writing, and living have come before this. Yet today is the day that I wanted to start recording this journey of feeling alive.

This is gonna be a lifelong journey of observance and understanding of life. To empty me of ideas, beliefs, and all else that we attach to life. To be alive. At the essence of living. No this isn’t a goal, something that one day we will achieve.

That would be a grand waste of our lives, thinking that one day we will be alive. Being alive is what we are right now. Nothing to do, nothing to achieve, nothing to strive for. It’s empty and lively. Full of wonder, beauty, and energy. We can’t do anything about living.

Let’s think about it. Could we do anything to make us feel more alive? Could we add a practice to our lives that would show us the essence and simplicity of being alive? Is there something to do? Now wouldn’t that be exhausting? Even thinking about it makes me feel tired.

We Mustn’t Do Anything

I’ve been thinking that I must always do something. That life is something we do. We go to work. We play games. We spend time with people. All things we do. So in order to be alive, we must do things, right?

Is that so? Do we really need to do anything to be alive? To feel alive? I wonder if that is true. Let’s say we need to do something to be alive. Wouldn’t that mean we would have to do something to keep our heart beating? Our lungs breathing?

For both these things, we need food and water to keep it going. But for the heart to beat, or the lungs to breathe we don’t do anything. We don’t have work to do or do anything to keep our hearts beating. All we do is to live and to live means to eat, and be alive.

So to be alive we don’t need to do anything. Yet we do need to eat? So doesn’t that mean we always have to do something? If we would stop drinking and eating, we would die eventually. So to keep our bodies alive yes we should eat.

The thing is, we don’t eat with the idea to keep ourselves alive. We just eat. We don’t think about how the food is keeping us alive with every spoon full of rice we eat. We just eat, for the sake of eating. We drink for the sake of drinking.

We just eat, for the sake of eating. We drink for the sake of drinking.

We must do this, yet at the same time, we don’t feel like we must. That’s the difference. I’ve been so caught up in the belief that I must work to be seen as worthy. I believed that I must put in hours of hustle and stress to achieve my goals. Yet then I look at what we do in order to stay alive.

We just eat. Without thinking about how it keeps us alive. We just eat. We do think about the food if we like it or not, but no more. We don’t think about if eating food is the right thing to do to stay alive. We just eat.

Creating Complications

We don’t even think about keeping ourselves alive anymore. We just do. We simply eat and drink. Our bodies do the rest. It’s so simple. Yet in all the rest of our lives, we start to worry about the things we do.

Instead of just doing and living our lives, we start to ask ourselves questions. Like:

  • What is my life’s purpose?
  • What kind of work do I want to do?
  • What task is most efficient right now?
  • What must I do to make that person love me?

So many questions that we start to ask ourselves. Instead of just doing, we must do the right thing. Instead of just loving another person, we start to think about what we can do to love the other person. We are so obsessed with thinking about what to do, that we forget to just do it.

You see, doing is natural. Everything alive does things. A bird that’s alive goes out hunting for insects. It doesn’t think about it. So do we. We need to eat, we just do it. We don’t think about how we must eat in order to stay alive anymore.

Instead of simply doing what is at hand we start to wonder if it is the right thing to do.

Why then do we think so much about all the other things in life, and start to attach to doing the right thing? Instead of simply doing what is at hand we start to wonder if it is the right thing to do. Or if it has any meaning? And now instead of just being alive, simply living, we start to think about life.

Thinking about life, thinking about what to do with life, isn’t living. It is nothing more than thought. Spending time in the past and the future. We think about the things we must do, only because we are thinking of the future and how we want that future to play out. If we wouldn’t think of the future we could just start doing what it is that feels right.

Now in this way of living, we mustn’t do anything. We just do it, because it is part of living. Of being alive. We just stop thinking about it. The thinking of what to do won’t change it. It won’t make us feel more alive. All it does is separate and divide us from actually living.

The thinking of what to do won’t change it. It won’t make us feel more alive. All it does is separate and divide us from actually living.

Just Do

Just like eating we should just do it. Thinking about what we must do creates tension and separation. Because instead of doing what it is that we should be doing, we are thinking of how we must do it. That thinking of what we must do is only taking away from doing it. It separates us from living.

If we start thinking about the fact that we must eat, we will make the act of eating much harder. We start to worry about eating, stressing out if it’s the right thing to eat, fearing the food we eat because it might poison us. Now most of us don’t do this. We just eat. We think about what we want to eat, but the moment we are eating we don’t think about why we are eating. We just eat.

That way of doing we should transfer over to all the rest of life. We can think about what it is we want to do, but once we are doing it we shouldn’t think about it any longer. We just do it. At the moment of doing, it doesn’t really matter if it is the right thing to do or not. We just do, and everything else is of the future.

We can think about what it is we want to do, but once we are doing it we shouldn’t think about it any longer.

It’s a great thing to think about what we will do. That is if we think of what to do without a specific goal in mind. So let’s say you must finish an assignment, instead of thinking about how you must finish that assignment before the end of the week, just think about what you can do right now. In other words, just eat. Just do. Just work.

Don’t think about what you are doing. That thinking will only make it harder to do the task at hand. We mustn’t do anything. We just think we must do something because we have a goal in mind. That goal, that achievement is of the future. All we should think about is what we do right now. This isn’t even thinking, this is just awareness, completely different from thinking.

Surely you’ll start doing something that is of meaning for your life. After all your consciousness, and heart are far more intelligent than the thoughts in your mind. They know what’s the right thing to do, they don’t disregard the fact that you have to finish your assignment. They are aware of this, far more aware of the total spectrum than you can ever be.

Just get to doing what it is that you want to do right now. There’s no reason that you must do anything. That is simply thought. Your thought that you ‘must’ do something to get a specific result. But you mustn’t get that specific result, nor do you need to do the thing to get that specific result. Everything that you should be doing, will just come to you like the urge to eat. You must eat, you just don’t think about it. You just do it.

Through that doing you are alive. It isn’t a goal, there is no need to do it. All of this is thought, something of the future. What matters is that we do, and what we do with full awareness is what makes us feel alive. Whatever that is doesn’t matter, this is personal for everyone. Let’s stop complicating life, and live. Aware of the fact that Today We Live. Make the most of that.

This is the first day of feeling alive. This journey is a lifetime, and I’ll set out to document that lifetime as long as I feel that it is the right thing to do. So follow along, to feel alive, and experience it fully.

If you want to experience more clarity on this topic and transform your life, by starting on a journey of self-discovery. To learn how you can tap into your inner wisdom, and understand your life’s problems. So that you can feel more alive. Then I want to invite you to listen to the Just Now Podcast. The Just Now podcast is a place for you to just be for a moment. To feel, experience, and understand what it means to be alive. The episodes all give extra clarity on topics discussed in the articles I write through short mindful guided meditations and reflective questions. Serving as a daily check-in to yourself.

I hope to speak to you there, for now, remember today you live! Make the most of it.

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