Why quitting isn’t bad


I wanted to quit. So badly. But didn't. But there is so much fear on quitting even when you don't want to continue. Why? And how can you use this. How can you make the most of this? In short how can you appreciate quitting or not quitting. Thats what this article is about.

School hasn’t been the most fun for me. I have never really been the kind of person that learns in these types of environments. Nor do I like the fact that you are getting judged on the work you put out. It is just not how I feel I grow and learn best. I know that school isn’t the one-way ticket to a peaceful and successful life. There are millions of other tickets constantly handed out to those who deserve it. School gives us a lot of safety. Or at least we think so. After all the jobs for others are just as unstable right now as the jobs that you do for yourself. You just don’t know which one is the safest. Next to that why should we choose to live the safest route?

I’ve been struggling with this for a long time now. I wanted to share this with you. The school has been bothering me, not because it is plain bad, but because it isn’t made for me. Let me do my own thing, follow my path, and work my ass off for that. Only what safety net do you have when it fails? That’s an obvious question I receive a lot when I told people I wanted to quit. Understandable of course, because school is a backup. The thought of quitting has crossed my mind since the end of the second year. This was the moment I found out that writing is my true passion. That with this I would wish to make my money. Whether that be an amazing amount or a small amount, as long as I can live from it I’ll be satisfied. To me being joyful and meaningful in life is way more important than safe and steady. This of course is very personal. But for me, it meant I wanted to quit.

It all started at the beginning of my third year. Where I had to go for an internship. It was straight-up awful. I hated it. I knew from that moment on that I would hate working a 9 to 5. Not because of the amount of time but because of the lack of freedom and energy. The same thing over and over again each week. Going to work, opening up, sitting down with a cup of coffee, working with a lunch break in between, then getting back to work again and gladly finishing the day before going back home again. Over and over and over again. This life isn’t for me, it would kill me if I would continue doing that. This half a year of work dragged me down from the high I was on after finding out my true passion. So quitting to me seemed the only option. The amount of debt I would create if I did hold me back. Until the final year of college, where I am at right now. in between the third and the final year I had some courses which I didn’t enjoy that much. The only thing that sparked a fire under my ass was the creative writing minor. This sparked the fire again to write. To hear the clicking of that keyboard each and every day for the rest of my life.

But I had to finish college. There were only a few months left. All that is left for me right now is to get my degree and be done with it. But is it worth it to me? I felt like school was literally sucking the life out of my passion. So I still felt like quitting. This time I was really close to quitting but then I decided not to do it. Not because I thought having this degree would change anything. Not because I had to prove anything to anyone. But to show me that I could keep doing this no matter what the circumstances of life are. I wanted to prove to myself that even though I hate doing school, I could continue writing and get all the joy I need in a day out of that. So I didn’t quit.


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Why quitting is good and why it is bad

Quitting like everything in this world has both good and bad sides. It needs this duality in order to exist. Sometimes deciding to quit is the best thing to do. It frees you up. Lifts a load off your back and clears the way for a next adventure. In other cases quitting is the worst thing to do. Like quitting something you love just because it isn’t the right thing to do right now. Making the choice to quit for the long term betterment of your life by me is a good reason to quit. Quitting for no other reason than fear or the opinion of others is bad. Like quitting your passion because you fear not making it. That would only bring you stress and tension in your body for not doing what you were meant to do on this planet.

I have noticed that quitting is seen as something bad. Especially through the eyes of people in the community I live in. It’s no good to quit work because you need that money. It is no good to quit eating meat because it is normal. These are the two main examples that I hear. Now for one, we need money to survive so quitting without any way of making money in the future would not be recommended. And for the second I do not want to push you to stop eating meat this is a personal choice. Just try to base it on a more grounded reason than, “it’s always been this way so it is normal”. If we kept that way of thinking the world would never grow. There wouldn’t have been any cars or planes by now and we would still be in a cave scared for our lives that a sabertooth tiger would come in and eat us.

Quitting has brought us here

You see deciding to quit has brought us right here. If the Wright brothers wouldn’t have quit thinking that they wouldn’t be able to fly there would have not been a plane by now. There might be others who would have invented it but what if they to quit on that dream? You see this dream we carry inside us is what always moves us forward. Always. If Hitler pursued his dream to become a painter he would not have killed all those innocent people. Yes, I just made that comparison because Hitler too had a dream. A dream to become a painter, but he quit. He quit his dream and started imploding all the anger he felt for the world being cruel to him, to the point where it burst out into the world.

Do I hereby say that if we quit on our dreams we will become the new Hitler? No for sure not. All I try to show you is that if we quit the result will not only impact us. It will also impact those around us. There are countless cases where people have given up their jobs and are now either picking on their kids with every little thing or writing troll comments on the internet. Instead of hating on these people, we should ask ourselves. “Why are these people so miserable?” The answer will always be because they aren’t feeling happy. This can have many reasons, but I am a strong believer that if you do what you love all worldly setbacks will not be enough to make you unhappy. So we should think about ourselves. “Am I willing to let this person make me unhappy? Or should I move forward and keep going. To not quit my passion, but to quit believing that I can not do it.”

The pain is needed to go

Sometimes this struggle of quitting and making that hard decision is what we need. It is that suffering, that pain that motivates us. This is the reason why I continue. Not to torture me but because I know that right now I have never been more motivated to keep going. To keep writing and building. To not give in to normality and strive to build a life that I want. And that building is the life I want. Getting up till the day of my death doing what my heart feels like. Building something in peace and living a meaningful, joyful, and peaceful life. These are the three things I will never quit on. These are the things, that if I lose them I would become miserable.

What are the things that motivate you? What values do you never want to quit on? What passion do you never want to let burn out? But if there is something in your way, something you should quit. Just quit. Just do it. If it feels right to do, do it. Just do what feels right to you. Whether that is continuing or quitting. Quitting is not something bad. Quitting is something we should appreciate. That we should accept in our lives because living a life where we would do the same thing each day would never be fulfilling. Find that thing you could do each day and that never gets tired. But if that spark died give it up and do something else. Life isn’t meant to focus on just one thing.

I want you to never quit your dream. To never give in. To keep going. Because if you do not follow that drive, that dream inside you nothing in the world can really bring you any joy. I do want you to remember that it is about the journey. The path towards that dream that really is the dream. It is never the end result but every step you take towards that dream. We never really crave that peak but the little hard to walk on paths to the top. That excitement and thrill, that is something we should never quit. But every obstacle that tries to drag us down again, we should quit those. Leave them halfway on the mountain because they have never reached the top themselves. Only listen to the advice of those that have reached the top themselves. Those on their way back down. That motivates you and keeps you going. Never let that fire die. Never let it go.

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